View Full Version : The Wicket

December 10, 2002, 11:15 PM
Ok, I wasn't going to post anything for few days. Cause I am :mad:

But I had to say something about the wicket. As far as I can remember we always make batting friendly wicket to give our "batsman" chance to do good batting. For time and again they have shown they can't bat for crying out loud. So whats the point in making batting friendly wicket? On the other hand look at our bowlers, with their limited ability they do pretty good on this dead track.

I believe we should make sporty wicket with bounce. This will give our bowlers to to do better. Even if our batsman suck and get out cheaply, it won't matter; they will get out cheaply anyway, even if you bowl with tennis ball. So make wickets like they have in South Africa with good "ghash" (jaate amader batsman out holey pitch theke kicchu ghash kheye aashte paare. Shob goolo holo BOLOD).

:mad: :mad: :mad: