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December 11, 2002, 03:38 AM
(.... everyone else is left speechless)


The Bangladesh selectors were shocked like all others with the performance of the home team.

"I was encouraged by some good performances in the Challenge Trophy to make a change in the team. But it did not click," said chief selector Aliul Islam.

"I thought Anwar Hossain (debutant) was a suitable for Test cricket and that's why I included him in the squad. I would not say he has failed. He needs more time to settle down there," he said.

When asked why they gambled Anwar with Al-Shahriar who scored highest runs in the recent South Africa tour, Aliul said that they wanted to see whether anybody else could also play in the opening position.

"Al-Shahriar is a proven player. We wanted to see how Anwar plays in his position," said Aliul.

December 11, 2002, 03:43 AM
He is a proven player, so we wanted to see if a rookie can play in his position.


Let's drop the whole Australia senior side and also the A side and see if some of the younger unknown and inexperienced players can make it.

Now, who can argue with that logic ?

Challenge trophy ? Most of us thought it was a joke. We just wanted to see if the A team can beat the National team and see if Bulbul or Nannu can comeback. Also, we didn't want our players to sit around while West Indies was playing India. To make it a benchmark for selection ?

The amazing cricket mind of mr. Aliul has left me dumbfounded. Maybe if I start to hit my head with a brick, I'll be able to make sense of all this by the time we play our second test. (yes, it would atleast take that much beating to get to that high level. If nothing else, the throbbing pain will stop, that's better then nothing)

December 11, 2002, 04:29 AM
Only Pilot sounds like he knows the denial (the nile) is not just a river in Egypt. The other two were more then willing to shift the burden on the Donkster (Aliul).

Mohsin is bound to do Moh(more) sin by not resigning. We are surely going to stink (as if we don't now) and Faruque Ahmed is quite straight. If he keeps his job after this, we'll see what team he picks in Namibia and then South Africa. Also, if they were good enough to pick the team overseas (SA), why do we need Mr. oversized ego (again, Aliul) ? That's just a waste of space (literally).

Selection slammed
Sports Reporter

A strained relationship is prevailing between the Bangladesh team management and the national selectors, as it was evident in yesterday's press conference at the end of the humiliating loss to the West Indies at the Bangabandhu National Stadium.

Coach Mohsin Kamal came down heavily on the selectors for making the Challenge Trophy competition a benchmark for choosing a team.

"I believe the national team should not be selected on the basis of the players' performance in the Challenge Trophy. It's a long, long way off the international standard," said Kamal, adding that selection should not be made from the comfort of the dressing room.

Manager Faruque Ahmed was even more straightforward.

"The selection committee should have spent more time in the field to get a clear idea of the players' ability and their temperament," he said.

"The team management enjoys the freedom of picking the teams while on tour according to the demands of the situation. But when we play at home the selectors have the final say on the first eleven. I think the views of the manager, the coach and the captain should be taken into account."

Captain Khaled Mashud was meanwhile critical of his batsmen's approach.

"I think we are yet to learn how to apply ourselves as per the instructions of the coach," said a visibly frustrated Mashud. "I never thought we would get out so quickly."

December 11, 2002, 04:56 AM
Remember the Transitional period ? Well guess what the dailyinqilab reporter understood - TRANSACTION period, kisher transaction re bhai ? Kaar shathe kaar transaction hocche.

I thought Donkster would make my day but no, this made my day.

December 11, 2002, 05:07 AM
The batsmen were particularly advised on how to face the REVERSE Swing. Coach Mohsin came out and revelaed this during the press conf.

My thought on that:

You remember how you try to cram right before the finals and when you see the Questions you think - Where did that come from ?

I guess that's pretty much what happened to our players.

I don't blame the coach though. He tried. What the heck does Lobby do ? Did he not know what kind of pitch was being made in Dhaka ? I'm too tired to even question about Mr. Aliul's performance on that. Way too tired.

As for the ticket buying fans at the stands. STOP sledging your own players. I do understand the emotions but channel it differently. For gods sakes, we have bunch of weeping boys out there. The last thing they need is to deal with your smart arse remarks. No matter what you say on papers or you write on message boards, keep your comments to yourselves while they are out there. How are they supposed to focus with your sorry arse screaming like caged monkeys ?

December 11, 2002, 11:15 AM
Looks like Tehsin Bhai read few newspapers and is very excited for some reason.

Well, I think everyone is over-reacting a bit. As I have noticed (actually went over some of the previous threads), and Pundit mentioned it in an earlier thread that Selection was almost the same as the selection "preferred" by this board's members. The only notable change is Enamul instead of Monju. Had Manju played, their wouldn't have been a slightest change to the total runs. I believe batting is the main concern here, not bowling. Bowlers were actually good the last two days. So, why blame the Selection Committee? If it was just this board, then I would have thought - it's frustration. Many mishandling by BCB caused us to lose some key players. So we are frustrated and try to blame them at every chance we get. But what about all those Bangladeshi run newspapers, Mohsin Kamal, Faruq Ahmed, whatever blaming the selectors? Well I think it's a strategy. After this performance, foreign reporters are seriously questioning Bangladesh's ability in test cricket. Now, if Bangladesh only use the selection committee as the "scapegoat", then there is a message. The message is that "Bangladesh do not suck, it is our selection that sucked - thus the dismal performance. So, please don't think about Bangladesh's test status too much." But the truth is Bangladesh Sucks!! No matter what statistics you bring out or what potential players you mention - BD SUCKS! Just admit it and expect results accordingly. I am not saying be depressed and expect to lose miserably instead you should consider Bangladesh's true ability as a team (no more all click crap). Now, if you feel Bangladesh underperformed - then most of the blame should go unto the players. Khaled Mashud realized it.

One more thing please don't underestimate the West Indies. I feel, if this result was against South Africa or Australia, we wouldn't be this furious. Also, don't dismiss Lawson's bowling, which all foreign media is doing.. (jealous motha****as).. I don't see any other players making this sort of historical bowling figures against Bangladesh when they played us. Give credits where it's due and blame those that deserves it.

Lastly, West Indies here we come to kick your A$$. So WATCH OUT!!

Tehsin bhai, you should turn off the censor! It's useless - makes me even angrier!

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December 11, 2002, 02:27 PM
Here's the thing. The players pretty much lost it for us. THEY ARE THE NUMBER ONE reason why we lost so bad no matter who says what (we say a whole of of stuff that's just pure emotion without much thought into it...... heck, we are only learning to think and do like our players, khek)

As for selection, you gotta see that Mr. Aliul and Co. are useless. Their appointee BCB has been very very quiet about the whole affair. Whoever comes to power wants to put their own people irrespective of their qualifications. It's a sad state and it has been like that for years and IF OUR LUCK holds, it will continue in such way. We are just not lucky enough and for some reason we get kicked in the face over and over again by the appointment of some overacheiving (sp) politicians who are underacheiving (sp) in office.

Someone already mentioned that we got lucky with Saber. You think if Mr. Lobby was BCB president, we could have got the test status ? no way, we all know that a lot had to be done in the background, ICC officials had to be 'convinced' and all this was done because Saber happens to be a very good businessmen and his love ofr our cricket was genuine. His politics on the other hand are his business.

I am not going to make the selectors the SCAPEGOAT (none of our selectors over the past decade or so have been well liked) for the result. I just don't think we need them, they are qualified and YES if there is one thing that sucks more then out national team it is the selection committee. Our batsmen failed, they will always fail but it doesn't help if some idiot (excuse my english) takes charge of a position that he had no business running.

December 11, 2002, 04:24 PM
abbe joi bengla komuna, to kee komu.
ar halai kissu bakee asee akhneth bolar

December 11, 2002, 04:42 PM
I think Orpheus is right. The team that played is almost the exact same team that most of us would have chosen. My team would have had Rokon instead of Anwar, Rafiq instead of Durjoy and Monju instead of Moni. But I dont think the selection was the problem. I dont think we would have done much better even if we had selected a different team.

December 11, 2002, 08:49 PM
THis is not at the selectors, thisis for the BCB: If Bcb had not made so much changes to the team over the last two years, I think it wouldn't have hurt (our players are very very weak mentally, *sigh*) our players as much. For some reason, it sounds like our players don't do too well knowing that they are replacable. I can understand Sumon, Bulbul and Rokon but the others should focus more on making themselves permenant as opposed to getting their pants all tangled up thinking that they'd get booted for performing bad and thern doing just that.