View Full Version : 16-18 Dec 2002 - BAN vs WI - 2nd Test

December 15, 2002, 11:32 PM
Al Sahariar lbw b Drakes 25

I think Rokon has humiliated the selectors enough.

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December 16, 2002, 12:37 AM
Left at 43 for 1
came back to 83 for 3 ..... *sigh*
Still, we had 'em for a while.

December 16, 2002, 01:01 AM
there are definite patterns in a standard bangladesh batting collapse. usually the wickets fall in pairs or threes, before a mild consolidation. today's first innings, so far at 88/3, is following this pattern. both batsmen should have been out in the the overs before lunch. they are scheduled to be out shortly after lunch, leaving us at 100/5. alok and pilot will add 50 runs again, and then the tail will do what they can before we are gone for a about 175 shortly after tea.

hope i am way off here.

December 16, 2002, 03:41 AM
161 for 8. As I predicted, Kapali flopped, otherwise we could have gone for 180-200. Looks like 175 is more like it (if we are lucky).

December 16, 2002, 03:58 AM
Dilo to shesh kore, amar 180 now goes to 190. We are still a little after tea and we have only 2 wickets. Lord have mercy. I say increments of five.

December 16, 2002, 04:31 AM
Far better then what we did the last time around.
Hats off to Pilot for his captains knock.
Manju's revenge was sweet but can he bowl as well as he batted ? 21 runs, his highest and will probably be the same for a while to come. :)
Sanwar (36) and Ashraful (28) did well but I believe they could have gone on longer. That partnership was building up well. Hopefully Ashraful is going to get back some of that lost confidence. He is still very young and failures shouldn't keep him down. Give him 2/3 years of continous cricket and this boy could be our biggest star for years to come.

43 for 1 in the first wicket may not seem much but they did good. I thought they'd go on for a while. :(

Failure ? Sumon really. Kapali isn't a failure cause he is still new and for him to be a failure, he has to play atleast 5-10 more tests and then scores 2's and 3's.

200 would have been better but I'll take the 194 specially after going down to 125 for 6. Great job by the bowlers. All they have to do now is bowl well and take some quick wickets.

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December 16, 2002, 04:39 AM
we have scored over 200 only twice in this calendar year (in SA of all places, if i remember). i think the average bd innings comes out to 180 over all the test innings.

December 16, 2002, 04:47 AM
We improved by 55 runs from our first innings in Dhaka. The sad thing really is that none of the batsmen who were out there for a while went on to score a big one. Atleast one batsman should have hit a 50.
Anyway, good luck to the bowlers.

December 16, 2002, 04:48 AM
First Test:
SA 529/4d 129
BD 170, 58.4 and 252, 87.5

Second test:
BD 215, 69.5 and 107, 30.
SA 482/5d 121

After that performance, it hurts to see us struggle at home against West Indies.
However, we need some decent bowlers. Bowling has been AWFUL since Day 1.

December 16, 2002, 04:50 AM
Bowlers are striking!!!!!

December 16, 2002, 04:50 AM
West Indies 16/1, Partnership of 16

WW Hinds c Khaled Mashud b Tapash Baisya 14 (13b 3x4 0x6)

December 16, 2002, 04:52 AM
BAISYA thakle wicket porbona, Kharaya Jao. Ekta felso, eibaar dekhi r dui ekta felbar paro kina.

(I should be asleep now, *sigh*)

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December 16, 2002, 04:58 AM
326 all out by Tea tomorrow. :)

December 16, 2002, 04:58 AM
BD_cricket and I are on chat. If you guys are still awake, join us!

December 16, 2002, 05:01 AM
6.1 Manjural Islam to Sarwan, no run, angling across the right hander,
Sarwan had to play at, beaten6.4

6.4 Manjural Islam to Sarwan, no run, beauty! good length delivery on
the off and moving away from the right hander, brings Sarwan
forward, again beaten

December 16, 2002, 07:45 AM
Don't be too fast on the predictions, Tehsin.

West Indies will score the same over 500 runs in their 2nd innings, because even if we have a better bowler - Monju in place of Durjoy, this pitch is a little better batting pitch than the Dhaka pitch.

December 16, 2002, 08:02 AM
Sarwan had some nasty blows on his knee and then on his thumbs (May be the thumb injury is an old one).

I wonder if he can continue tomorrow for too long, but if he can and scores a hundred tomorrow, then my hats off to him (being injured and all).

December 16, 2002, 02:45 PM
Fwullah is a spoiler. I will stick with my predictions except now, I will let them bat till dawn today. The score will be around 326-350.

December 16, 2002, 02:47 PM
(Sorry WIFAN)

I am so hurt. *sigh*

December 16, 2002, 08:02 PM
I rather predict little realistic - WI 405 all out before lunch on third day....

December 16, 2002, 08:19 PM
how many times bangladesh 2nd innings total crossed their first innings total??
I think it's only a few times - right?

December 16, 2002, 10:20 PM
actually several times, you can check on wisden statistics. but you are right if you are thinking some of the most horrendous losses have come when we got blown away in the second innings after a "reasonable" first. could it be coming again, let's hope not

December 17, 2002, 03:47 PM
I said 326 by TEA against extreme opposition. Well guess what, I was lying, I just added the 30 runs to make our guests look better.

Fwullah, any comments on my predictions ?

(don't get offended, we are all on a high after ONE good day. Who knows when we'll have another - I am afraid to predict)

December 17, 2002, 08:14 PM
As soon as i got on the net and sore 296 all out i immediately thought of you Tehsin