View Full Version : Ashraful the star

December 16, 2002, 07:59 AM
Since the start of the one day series, ESPN Star has started such a thing on Ashraful the promising player that I think in my opinion they are doing just a little too much.

Today Ashraful didn't do anything special, and yet during the tea break, there was a short 5 minute show of him - it showed his early days - some of his shots in the one day series, his net practice, he was talking in bengali (recorded) ... the usual staff - the things that we all know about.

Now I am a big fan of him too, like when he plays a really good shot, I have tears in my eyes with happiness, but this was just a way too much.

What do you (those who have seen the match live on at first ESPN and then on Star Sports) think?

December 16, 2002, 07:55 PM
I didn't know that ESPN covers our players in that way..... Thats really encouraging!!!!!

Here in US, the media covers the US olimpic players, soccer players the same way during the event like last WC soccer. After watching those everybody will know about those US player's/athlet's life histiory etc ---- The way they show those - it always feel like they are going to win the trophy/medals. It is way too much!!!!

For bangladeshi player like Ash - it might do something bad or may be other players also be encouraged......