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December 16, 2002, 06:37 PM
Namibia did pretty good in Kenya. Both teams kinda had a close series. Kenya won the 4 match series 2-1. One match had no result.

Namibia also played 2 matches against a so called KCA XI. Let's face it, there is nothing called a KCA XI. It's the same as Kenya national team without 3/4 of their senior players. That series was drawn 1-1.

We play Namibia in january, this results will give us an indication on what to look for and frankly, our players might not do too well.

Kenya's tour of Zimbabwe showed that Kenya is coming down to our level. They are going through bad times and they will be looking forward to beating US in the World Cup to win the battle of the minnows.

December 16, 2002, 06:37 PM
2nd November - Kenya lost to Namibia by 4 wickets
Kenya 271/6 wkts (50 overs) (K. Obuya 35, B. Patel 53, S. Tikolo 88, H. Modi 59, S. Burger 3/37)
Namibia 272/6 wkts (49.4 overs) (J. B. Burger 110, G. Murgartroyd 58, T. Odoyo 2/42, T. Suji 2/72)

3rd November Kenya beat Namibia by 23 runs
Kenya 265/9 wkts (50 overs) (H. Modi 88, B. Patel 20, K. Obuya 26, M. Suji 39 n.o., G. Snyman 2/49, B. Kotze 3/38)
Namibia 242 (47.4 overs) (G. Snyman 85, M. Karg 43, T. Odoyo 3/44,S. Tikolo 2/40)

6th November Match reduced to 43 overs. Abandoned due to rain when Namibia were 127/6 in 34 overs.

8th November - Kenya beat Namibia by 10 wickets
Namibia 96 (38.2 overs) (G. Murgatroyd 23, D. Kotze 17, M. Suji 1/19, T. Odoyo 2/27, T. Suji 3/22, S. Tikolo 1/15, J. Kamande 3/11).
Kenya 97 for no wicket (K. Obuya 38 n.o., R. Shah 50 n.o.)

9th November - Kenya won by 3 wickets
Namibia 200/8 wkts (50 overs) (M. Suji 1/22, T. Odoyo 3/39, C. Obuya 3/36, J. Kamande 1/41)
Kenya 203/7 wkts (46.4 overs) (R. Shah 28, B. Patel 52, S. Tikolo 38, T. Odoyo 25, R. Van Vuuren 1/25, Louw 2/33, B. Kotze 2/36, P. Kotze 2/35)

(from cricinfo kenya site)

December 16, 2002, 06:46 PM
Played very well. Batting was good up until the last match. What this means is that we will have a good opponent in Namibia. We are not going to play a substandard teamand get all our hopes up with easy wins. We will have to work on it.

Results page Link in Zimbabwe site (http://www-usa2.cricket.org/link_to_database/ARCHIVE/2002-03/OTHERS/NAMIB_IN_ZIM/SCORECARDS/)

December 16, 2002, 07:43 PM
Namibia looks tough.....
scoring more than 270 runs in chasing against any team is not a joke.