View Full Version : FIGHT BACK

December 18, 2002, 05:55 AM
We fell 3 wickets. OK, it was within 3 days but we did not take it lying down.

A seven wicket loss wasn't too bad considering the last test and also the fact that our top order batsmen are still playing school cricket.

For me, Tapash was the man of the match as well as Kapali. Kapali's 85 gave him the advantage.

Hopefully this will give the team some positives to look back to when they start their WC campaing.

The win against Canada is crucial, we can not let that slip.

December 18, 2002, 08:27 AM
I think Wavell Hinds got into some sort of a 'quarrel' with Tapash Baisya. It pumped up Tapash and he took the wicket of Hinds at the end. :)

December 18, 2002, 08:32 AM
Well if that's what happened then it shows Tapash has some good big match temperament. That's the best way to respond when the verbals start flying.

December 18, 2002, 09:23 AM
I will never forget Aamir Sohail pointing at the covers boundary to Prasad after hitting him through there a couple of times in the WC Quaterfinals at Bangalore in 1996. Next ball, Sohail gets clean bowled by Prasad. Tapash should take heart from this performance. He did bowl some bad balls and he can cut the occasional short and wide but overall, he really did bowl well. And lets not forget Talha, he probably bowled more wicket taking deliveries than anyone else in this series, although Tapash ended up with more wickets.

December 18, 2002, 05:32 PM
Baisya's got Wavell Hinds 5 times now.

WW Hinds: 1st ODI Manjural
2nd ODI Taposh
3rd ODI Taposh
1st Test Taposh
2nd Test Taposh

Wavell Hinds seems to be his bunny of some sort. Maybe a Warne v Cullinen rivalry?