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December 19, 2002, 06:05 AM
Updated Dec. 18th Pwc Rating.

# = Position
U/D= Moved up or down
Pnt =Avg point

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TEST Batting Table
# U/D Name Pnt Avg.
49 +1 Lance Klusener SA 478 33.40
50 -3 Habibul Bashar BAN 467 32.03
51 Marlon Samuels WI 466 32.33
64 +15 Alok Kapali BAN 404 34.11
67 -1 Wasim Akram PAK 397 22.64
68 Al Sahariar BAN 396 23.11
70 -1 Hasan Raza PAK 361 35.50
71 -1 Imran Nazir PAK 354 32.85
85 +6 Mohammad Ashraful BAN 300 22.65
90 -6 Hannan Sarkar BAN 290 22.60
93 Aminul Islam BAN 275 21.20
94 +15 Sanuar Hossain BAN 274 18.93

TEST Bowling Table
# U/D Name Pnt Avg.
66 +37 Darren Powell WI 234 29.50
79 -2 Mashrafe bin Mortaza BAN 174 31.17
86 +1 Talha Jubair BAN 141 48.29
87 -2 Sachin Tendulkar IND 136 45.19
90 +3 Manjurul Islam BAN 123 55.33
93 -2 Enamul Haque BAN 117 52.56
98 +23 Tapash Baisya BAN 92 54.00

I have given batsman and bowler from other countries for comparison. Anyway, Bashar is still within 50, after so many failures moved only 3 places down (just think how far up he would have been if he was consistent). And Kapali moved 15 points up. Rest is as usual.

In bowling department Tapash has moved 23 places up!!! :D Look at powell he moved 36 places up after BD series, WTF. Mashrafe is still up there, even after 1 year of not playing. Monju and Talha has both moved up. :) Thats all the positives from this series.

We have 7 batsman and 5 bowlers in first 100.

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December 19, 2002, 03:58 PM
Where was Lawson in that list please! I would have though he would now be well up there! Also, Tapash should have moved up more than 23 places dont you people agree!

December 19, 2002, 05:32 PM
I am going to wait till the WC and after I see him and the rest in action.
I am so excited to see Masri in action. He took 4 wickets in two innings. he is not bowling at his old pace and the bowling action also had to be changed in order to make sure that he does not put more strain on himself.

From what I can make out from the prothom-alo report:
Hasannuzaman Jhoru (he has the potential to replace the likes of Sanwar later on) is the Khulna captain, he said that Masri isn't bowling too fast but his control and swing is troubling the batsmen.

Masri himself is excited. he is bowling under close supervision of the trainers/physios. Gloster made sure that masri bowls only 4 overs in the first spell and NO MORE then 10 per day.

Masri is having to bowl with a side-arm action (can anyone explain what that means? bringing the ball from your side?) instead of his usual Open-chest action. He is having to train with the new action. MRF (India) coach T A Shekher isalso working with him. He took some PIX of Masri in action and have already worked with him to work out the details (action Shudre disey).

All that is left to do is to speed it up a few notches. Masri being Masri have no worry at this moment. I guess staying out of action for 11 months have given him some perspective.

When asked about his pace, he said that it is all in your attitude (head). If he wants he can do it but he is playing it safe for now. His last words - If you want proof, he can bring on the heat.

Neeways, His speed was a big asset but the best thing about him was his discipline. He still has it. Let's hope god smiles down upon us.

All we need now is a GOOD spinner.

Sumit is one of Fwullah's favs and I like the guy myself. He can take wickets and if needed, he can stick around for a few overs to help Pilot or Kapali out. We seriously need to give this guy a break. He has proved himself before and if he keeps up the performance int he national league, he should make the team as a specialized spinner.

December 19, 2002, 08:27 PM
Where was Lawson in that list please! I would have though he would now be well up there! Also, Tapash should have moved up more than 23 places dont you people agree!

50 -1 Jermaine Lawson WI 324 23.00

Well Lawson is there 50th position, he actually moved 1 place down! I think 23 places for tapash is great.

Cosidering our next series (with Aussies) is way in the future, all our players will gradually go down the list.

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December 20, 2002, 07:03 PM
When they said side-arm i think they meant side-on cos they compared it with open chest

December 20, 2002, 09:00 PM
Tehsin bhai, Habibul_fan is right, they must have meant side-on action. That means that at the point of delivery, the body is side on to the batsman, as opposed to an open chested action where the body is straight on looking down the pitch. Bowlers with a side-on action, like most fast bowlers, are usually outswing bowlers. The open-chested bowlers bowl in-swing. I would have thought Masri would have been side-on anyway. But who knows, maybe he was open-chested before, I've never seen him.

December 21, 2002, 12:14 PM
Masri was a major inswing bowler during the Zimbabwe series.

December 21, 2002, 06:48 PM
When i hit the pitch i'm side on and my foot's parallel to the crease(meaning i'm side-on)but at the point of delivery i open up. Are there any coaches in this board?