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December 19, 2002, 10:57 AM
Bangladesh enjoyed one of their better Test matches at the MA Aziz Stadium in Chittagong. While they did put on the kind of showing that just about begins to explain why they were given Test status in the first place, Bangladesh could not do enough to stop the West Indies from winning the game by seven wickets and sweeping this series 2-0.

---From CricInfo Daily December 19, 2002 issue.

December 19, 2002, 01:04 PM
I read that report two days ago!! Rajputro Bhai, apni ki computer use koren...data ashte dui din laage? Japan wins the trophy for fastest computer in the world whereas Rajputro representing Bangladesh wins for the slowest. A winner anyhow!

You didn't post something else, that is this

"Having lost half their side with a lead of just 24 on the board, there was every chance that the hosts would succumb meekly, but Alok Kapali would have none of that sort of defeatist attitude. While winning himself many fans during a colourful stay at the wicket, the middle-order batsman also served up a fitting answer to cynics who have remonstrated in vain at Bangladesh's elevation to the highest stage."

Anand ei beta mone hoi bangalee!! Eijonnoi eto lafa lafi shuru korche! This match did not show anything!! 200 is not a test match run, playing three days is not a test match.. If there is a captain with guts (also has to be an ***), then he can win against Bangladesh within two days! All these time BAngladesh were losing in 3 days was because other countries were occupying the crease for one whole day - which a "smart" (also an ***) captain would not do.

The only thing from this match is Kapali - and that's it! I think Vivian Ricahard told him at Dhaka..paraphrase.. "Keep playing like the way you are, you will be something" while tapping kapali's back! (source: my brother, his source: bangla newspaper). Otherwise, this match was like all others....it will be sad if he too becomes bhota like Ashraful but I like his attitude, the only player's comments I find to be professional.

First innings of WI - allout was a rare success and ofcourse it's West Indies. The second innings were caused because WI rushed to finish the game in three days! Tapasshiya ain't that good!

I just can't accept that a country turns to gold in the space of 12 hours.

December 19, 2002, 03:42 PM
We didn't turn gold. We just played as we should have. I'll give you the second innings. The wickets fell because West Indies could acre less. If it was a team like SA or Australia, they would have probably won by 10 wickets. Still, we failed to take advantage of similar situations in the past. The batsmen would beg our bowlers to take their wickets but the bowlers kept on dissapointing.

Also, think of the boost these guys are going to get now that they have started takinga few wickets. Don't forget that both Tapash and Talha don't even have about 15 First class matches under their belts.

December 20, 2002, 12:38 AM
It aint my fault if cricinfo sends it to me 2 days late. May be I am in back list!!!