View Full Version : I can't believe

December 20, 2002, 12:37 AM
that this 17-year old little kid right here is India's current wicketkeeper:


I mean look at him:


hmm...what happened to the image bbcode?

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December 20, 2002, 06:02 AM
And we let Anwar Hossain play in test cricket, who looks like YOUNGER brother of Parthiv Patel, though Anwar is 19 on paper.

Just for the record, if anyone goes through the photos of all debutants that are coming through, Anwar's face looks just the same like in the photo, while in other cases like in case of Hannan Sarkar, Tushar Imran and even Mashrafe Bin Murtoza looks different on tv in the field.

And different meaning a lot older than the Cricinfo pic shows one to be.

December 20, 2002, 02:54 PM
Both of them have similar experience. Offcourse, Ranji is like the much older brother of the National league with more experienced players. Still, India probably lacks too many good keepers so they want to groom Partiv from now.