View Full Version : A great Irish Cricket site

January 13, 2003, 12:44 PM
Cricket Ireland (http://www.cricketeurope.org/CI/homeYC.shtml)

Wish Bangladesh had such a good site before getting test status (even now!)

January 13, 2003, 01:51 PM
Ireland has been playing cricket probably as much as England. Arent they still part of United Kingdom? Think about the cricket craze there. I am sure they have more 1 great sites like this.

January 13, 2003, 02:14 PM
Raj - from what I have been told, there is little or no interest of cricket in Ireland. They are very well aware though, that it is a game that the English play considerably (under-statement).

So, being the kind of people the Irish are - they try to be as much as anti english (but not necessarily hating them) as they possibly can - they actually try to refrain from playing the game.

And I'm talking about the Northern Irelanders.

January 13, 2003, 05:08 PM
Just took a look at the main page. Really good side. The cricinfo site on BD doesn't even come close. *sigh*