View Full Version : Ken may play instead of NZ

July 18, 2002, 08:38 AM
Kenya might be invited to play in the triangular One Day series of Pakistan and Australia as New Zealand has declined to go to Nairobi.

July 18, 2002, 09:37 AM
I am jealous, how come they get to play so much ODI than us!!! Yet we are the test team.

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July 18, 2002, 03:24 PM
That Kneya plays with heart and doesn't go down as meekly as our boys. I still think we are better but when it comes to other teams, they play far better then us *sigh* in the ODis (and maybe in the four-five dayers too)

July 18, 2002, 03:55 PM
We badly need a showdown to put this away for good, "Who is better, BD or kenya?"

July 19, 2002, 09:37 AM
NZ pulled out. I guess Kenya is in.


July 19, 2002, 12:54 PM

July 19, 2002, 03:14 PM
The last time we played KENYA, WE BEAT THEM. I think the comment: (
We badly need a showdown to put this away for good, "Who is better, BD or kenya?") is far better then saying - Ken is Better.

If we do play better in Sri Lanka and the players start to believe in themselves, I'd like to hear from those people who claim that Kenya is better after we whip their ..... :)

Hey, this is a Bangladesh channel so i am sure no one will mind if I support my team over any other. :)

July 19, 2002, 07:13 PM
Look at the ODIs BD played against Ken. It is as clear as the water from a fountain.

July 19, 2002, 09:11 PM
This is just to piss off Tehsin Bhai...

Kenya ARE better. It doesn't matter if we win unofficial matches. Just like it doesn't matter South Africans have won almost 80% of their ODIs. They are still not world champions and we are still underogs agaist Kenya.

This doesn't mean that the tables cannot be turned. I have full faith on our guys. But having faith means jack when it comes to reality.

July 20, 2002, 12:06 AM
Perhaps I am speaking from my heart than using my scientific thinking cap...but I feel our tigers are much more talented bunch of players as a team... but seem to be very hesitant and uncertain about their abilities on the field and they also do have a lot of fan pressure too.... while the Kenyans seem to be hardly under any pressure and play their game with great aplomb...I am beginning to think we might suffer from chronic classic Indian "wilting-under-pressure" syndrome in the future...In a way I am really glad that we got a Palistani coach...coz the Pakistani players have a very strong attitude who seem to relish adversity and pressure situations...hoping some of it rubs off...amen

July 20, 2002, 12:36 AM
We beat Kenya with Their best, ,Tikolo, Odumbe. But they didnt beat our best, Sumon, Masri, Tushar and so on.

I am positive, they will lose to us when we play them. Look at Sumon, scoring 50's against all teams. Wait till he has poor Kenya. Look at what Tikolo did in BD this year against 1 yr test playing national players. He sucked. And thats their best.

Need I say more?

July 20, 2002, 02:24 AM
Didn't sumon and tikolo played in the same team for a while :) Guess who did better!

July 20, 2002, 03:16 AM
Yes, and Sumon did lot better than Tikolo. I dont remember the final outcome, but Sumon was in the top ten batsmen after first league.

July 20, 2002, 01:51 PM
Steve tikolo was considered the run machine for mohammadan. Sumon was not even on the top 10. This is about the most recent priemere leage. Scorcards are available on crickinfo.

July 20, 2002, 02:00 PM
We didn't get all the stats from this years league (My request to Saber 3 years ago to have a national database ONLINE was ignored and looks like it still remains that way) BUT, look at the stats.

I DON'T see TIKOLO anywhere in the top 10 performers. He did GREAT when the country's top players DID not play in our league last year but this year with the national team players not participating. Does that clear it out ?

July 20, 2002, 03:09 PM
S. Tkolo 58
H . Bashar 5


This is just one of many examples where tikolo outclassed sumon. Need I say more.

July 20, 2002, 06:26 PM
I post a top ten list where Tikolo didn't even make it (cause OUR national players are back) and I get countered with individual matches.

There were matches where Tikolo/Sumon/Bulbul scored more then half the Indian team. How does that help prove the overall ? Not to forget that Sumon usually doesn't make the top ten in any local tournament. When it comes to ODIs or Tests, he is far ahead of the rest of the blokes.

If you have missed it before, I am a big Tikolo fan. I even mentioned giving him citizenship so he can play test matches. It's a shame that a player like him might not even get a chance to play test cricket.

July 20, 2002, 08:40 PM
Mash you are confused. This year, tikolo didnt do that good. Sumon was in the top 10. Also, one match is not good when you asked who did better in the same team. If still confused, go to the League section of this site and click on stats.