View Full Version : Instead Of Making Zim suffer for the let offs??

January 21, 2005, 05:42 PM
In the first ODI at Dhaka when we were chasing a target of 252 our star batsmen,Rajin,Ashraful and Bashar all of them got dropped by the Zim fielders.Rajin got life when he was dropped on 39 by Dion Ibrahim.Bashar was dropped when he was 39 and it was Ashraful who got life when he was only 4. It was Matsikenyeri the guilty man.Instead of making Zimbabweans suffer for those let offs we just make the same mistakes again giving away our wickets.It was a reachable target.Bashars field placement and change of the bowlers was pathetic.I really want Mashud to be the captain of the Bangladesh team so Bashar can concentrate on his batting.Here Iam not blaming the captain for this defeat.It was our top order who could not avail the chances we got from the Zim Fielders.