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January 24, 2005, 12:29 PM
Firstly, Bangladesh needs to come up with a better game plan for ODIs. I see two major problems, especially when we bowl first. One is, we give away too many runs in the last 5-8 overs. The problem seems to be that none of our bowlers know how to bowl at the death. Take Mashrafe for example, bowled well at the start of the Zimb innings, and then came in for major punishment at the end. Of course, all bowlers will get hit around at the end, but there is still a limit to it. We need to be able to make it difficult for them by bowling as straight and as full as possible. But we give them width and length to free their arms. Also, Bashar keeps the spinners on for too long because they bowl well in the middle overs. Our pacers, Mashrafe and Tapash, have to learn to bowl at the end of an ODI innings and Bashar has to stop this bad habbit of keeping the spinners on till they get hit out of the park a few times.

The other problem is of course, our inability to chase a total. You get the feeling, if Zimbabwe would have score 190 today, we would have been all out for 170. I don't know what the problem is, but losing wickets regularly doesn't help. When batsmen get in, they really have to go on and finish the job. Our batters don't do that in ODIs, which is a real let-down. Successfully chasing a total of about 220 requires one of the top 5 to bat out till the end. Till that happens, I don't see us winning. A Mashrafe, Rafique or Tapash may play a supporting role at the end, hit some lusty blows, but we cant expect them to win the game for us. We need one of the frontline batsmen to guide us to victory!

Second thought, I can't say I was particularly happy with the team today. It seemed to me like we were a batsman short. Rana is not good enough to bat at number 6. He may have scored more runs than some of the batsmen, but he is still a bowler who can bat, and he is a grafter, not the type who is going to win us matches with the bat. Whether Alok was the right choice at 6 is obviously a topic of great controversy, but regardless of whether it is Alok or Rokon or Tushar or whoever else, we need a batsman at 6! Of course, that limits our bowling options, but I think between Rajin, Aftab and Ashraful, we can get atleast 10-15 overs, leaving the four specialist bowlers to bowl 35. If Rana must come into the team, he needs to come in as a bowler, and then we will have the added benefit of his batting. But to take him as a batter at six is just daft.

Third thought, we need to stop making snap, knee-jerk judgements on people. Aftab, for example, got a beauty today, a ball that pitched on off and swung away, forcing him to play at it. A lot of top quality batsmen would have gotten out to that ball. Yet, most people have decided that he ought to get dropped. If he was good enough to get picked today, he ought to be good enough to get picked for the next game. Getting out to a good ball shouldn't go against him. We REALLY have to stop judging players based on the scorecard. Its dangerous to do that. The same people who want Aftab dropped today will call him Bangladesh's greatest middle order batsman if he gets a 100 in the next game. Thats just stupid.

Last thought, when the going gets tough..........! We did quite well to get our backs to the wall. Now we'll see how much character this team has and how well we fight back. The worst thing now will be to give up hope of winning the series and capitulating. And if we start thinking we can't win, we definitely won't. So stay positive, players and fans alike and lets hope our team learns a lesson or two from the two defeats.

January 24, 2005, 12:38 PM

Bashar not only over-bowls the spinners, but has a tendency to do that with the likes of Sujon and Mushfiq if they have a good spell in the middle overs. Yesterday, Mashrafee had 4 overs left and had gone for only 9 in his first 6. The formula should have been to utilize all 4 overs, not just the 3 he got. He remains our leading strike threat in the absence of Rafique, although Enamul is catching up.

As for fans, i wouldn't worry about it too much. Doesn't matter whether we are negative or positve, the team and the coach needs to go about their jobs in a professional manner - and that means analyzing what you are doing wrong and fixing it.

January 24, 2005, 12:44 PM
Yesterday, Mashrafee had 4 overs left and had gone for only 9 in his first 6. The formula should have been to utilize all 4 overs, not just the 3 he got.
yeah, and what would happen if Mashree bowled 4 overs instead of 3? perhaps 40 runs from 4 overs instead of 32 runs from 3 overs.

All of our bowlers have problem with slog over bowling.

January 24, 2005, 12:51 PM
he might have gotten wickets, too. you will never know now.

January 24, 2005, 01:00 PM
Well, if it were upto me, I'd have brought Mashrafe on for a two over spell in the middle, when Taibu and Taylor were new at the crease. That was the time to get our best bowler at them to try to put the nail in the coffin. If he got a wicket or two at that point, things would have been different. If Chigumbura had to come out in the 30th over and have to survive for 10 overs before being able to start flashing, he would have found it difficult. For him, coming out in the 40th over is ideal, he can come out with all guns blazing. I think the game would have been different if we hadn't allowed Taylor and Taibu to put up the platform from which Chigumbura could launch into us. Bashar missed a trick, a risky one maybe, but it would have been worth taking given that we were firmly on top at that point and ought to have driven the advantage home.

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January 24, 2005, 01:06 PM
Well said sham.

Our bowling at the death was horrible. I agree with you about Bashar overusing some of the part timers after they have done their job. Rajin bowled two overs too many. What is the point of having a front line seamer like Tapash if he is not gonna use him in the end, regardless of what he did in his first spell? I think Bashar is not very proactive. If he was gonna use a spinner at the death like he did yesterday, why not use Enam for that? He has a mental edge over the Zimbabweans this series. I knew rana and rajin will get hit out in the end. They had wkts in hand. I wish he used Enam or Tapash in the end. Masri will come back. Not worried about him. It can happen to any good bowler. He will continue to bowl at death as he should.

Hundred percent agree with you on our inability to chase. Anything above 200 is too much for us. Our record says so. One major problem we have is our batting in the middle overs of the innings. Our players are boundary-oriented players. You won't get too many in the middle overs as the field is spread. Our inability to succesfully tick the run rate without scoring boundaries every over is a big probelm. As it happens too often, from seeming good starts, our run rate suddenly creeps up in the middle overs. We lose way suddenly. Pressure goes up. Run outs happen almost every game in the middle overs and then we collapse. Late order comes and hits at everything after that but we still fall short. Its the job of the no.5 and no.6 batsman to tackle that problem. Make sure one stays till the end and keep taking singles and twos whenevr possible and the odd boundary here and there.

Again you are spot on about Rana coming in at no.6. That is just a sickening sight. If not Alok, bring anybody like you said, a rokon or Imran or even Khaled Mashud, a batsman is needed there. They just don't get it. No.6 is so important. Couldn't understand why Rana and Mahmud would come into bat before mashud. He reamined not out after a run-a-ball 23. What a waste. As a batsman he is much better than Rana or Mahmud at no.6. Anyway, everytime you go in a match with five batsman, they deserve to lose. I am happy they lost otherwise they would have kept this so called, "winning combination". We have to consistently pick six batsman to have a channce. Rajin, Aftab, Ash are good enough to bowl ten overs in the middle. Very dissapointed with the team yesterday. Can't have mahmud and Rana at the same time. If we must, we may take one, and make sure they don't bat at no.6 and no.7.

Aftab and Ash are too good players. Any thought of discarding them based on this series is premature. They must, however, learn to take more singles in the middle overs to keep the pressure off so the tail can ome and accelerate. They need to bat with softer hands as well. It will find them more gaps. Don't need boundaries all the time, specially if the other team is bowling so well. You keep the wkts and runs will come in the end just what Taibu did. 237, after all, is not a big total.

January 24, 2005, 01:12 PM
Like to add one more point. A plan to get a set batsman, like Taibu, out. This guy is remarkably consistent and taking the game away at will. We need a few plans to contain him. He must have some weaknesses somewhere, we need to explore that. We already played him quite a few times to learn about his strength and weakness. History tells us that, part time bowlers are very lucky to distruct such batsmen.

January 24, 2005, 01:25 PM
Beamer, I couldn't agree more about our flawed approach to the middle overs when we bat. I wrote something yesterday about taking singles in the middle overs, rotating the strike as much as possible and putting pressure on the fielding side. And at one point, Bashar and Nafees were starting to do that quite well. But then those two wickets fell and Rana and Ashraful couldnt quite maintain the momentum that we had started to gain.

As for Taibu, he has been a real thorn in our flesh in this series. Usually, in every series, there is a batsman that just refuses to get out. Strauss for England and Kallis for SA in their current series. What Taibu does well is plays very compact when he comes to the crease. Uses minimal movement and just works the ball around. What he can do once he is set we all know from his second innings in Dhaka and in the game last night. However, every batsman has his weaknesses, so you are right Chinaman, we need to figure out what it is. Also, every batsman is a little unsure of himself when he first comes out to bat. We need to put pressure on Taibu before he settles. Last night, our spinners were just happy to bowl straight and keep the runs down. Enamul tried a few things, but Rana and Rajin weren't asking any questions. We should have done better than that.

January 24, 2005, 01:29 PM
Are the BD players simply not creative enough - tactically I mean ? If so, is that just because they are mentally lazy or simply don't have it in the genes (generally) ?

January 24, 2005, 01:32 PM
Bowl Masri or Enam soon as he (taibu) come in. He is the glue that holds that team together. After his duck, in CTG ( the secind innings ), they just collapsed. We had them in all kinds of trouble. We should have at least gone for the kill. Bashar is not very proactive as I said before. What did Nazmul do to get dropped?

January 24, 2005, 02:55 PM
Australian cricket is smart cricket. Australian media shows different sorts of graph analysis about particular players batting and bowling . It is obvious Aussie players see much more in depth breakdown of opponents skill behind the close door. Players bowling variation, batting habits everything follow a pattern. In baseball game ESPN or FOX always show hitters hot zone and cold zone. Pitchers know about individuals cold zone and they try to pitch in the cold zone. In American football their is a group of analysts sitting in the upper level of stadium and doing game analysis and sending the info to the players via coach.

There should be some individuals involved for us who do just analysis. Their job is to find weakness of the opponent and feeding the information to our players using graphs, animations and so on. Players can do this kinda analysis themselves. I doubt that Bangladesh cricketers sit in front of video to examine opponents game on their own initiative. Maybe some of them, I am even not sure about that. This practice need to be part of the preparation both for bowlers and batsman. This is critical to individual success in the top level cricket. Talent alone cannot make it in these level. Knowing the opponent not only give our team more effective game plan it also give our players much needed confidence. BCB need to improve on that part rather then waiting for our cricketer to do that on their own. They need resources anyway.

One thing I want to say for our players that they have played 2 series in 3 months, thats why our players are getting injured. I think work load is playing against us as well as fresh leg Zimbabwe team. England lost the series to Srilanka right after they played Bangladesh. Back to back series is hard for any team.

Good luck!

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January 24, 2005, 04:14 PM
Problem with bashar is that he doesn't think dynamically. He memrozies the game plan the night before and stick to it.

January 24, 2005, 04:25 PM
Nice piece Sham. This is one of the best threads I have seen here. If I were to add up the problems that we are facing (right now) they would look like this:

1. Not so great handling of the bowlers.
2. Bowlers, in general, unable to bowl at the "death".
3. Set batsmen getting out in pair.
4. Unable to take the singles and twos when the boundaries dry up.
5. The missing #6 batsman

Now the specifics:
1. No plan to handle Taibu
2. Ashraful not contributing as he can

One final point: this Zimbabwe team is better than us, even if it is slightly so. At least that is what the results suggest!

January 24, 2005, 04:41 PM
Too many of the players are in the comfort zone, meaning no matter what they do they will be in the team e.g Ashraful, Sujon, Aftab. Aren't there any competition for places? if someone continually peforms badly why aren't they dropped, it is only natural for players to fight for their places but BD doesn't have that. If you are guranteed a place and big sums of money will you try hard?No

If Ashraful was dropped for the 2nd ODI I'm sure he would bat better when he is picked again in the future.

No prizes for guessing who will be dropped for the next ODI. Rana is a definite for the chop, Sujon should be dropped instead.

January 24, 2005, 05:14 PM
Originally posted by chinaman
Like to add one more point. A plan to get a set batsman, like Taibu, out. This guy is remarkably consistent and taking the game away at will. We need a few plans to contain him. He must have some weaknesses somewhere, we need to explore that. We already played him quite a few times to learn about his strength and weakness. History tells us that, part time bowlers are very lucky to distruct such batsmen.

Noticed in the Daily Star that, Taibu tells he has plan for each and every BD batsmen. They discussed how to get rid of which batsmen. Thats why you see Rajin, Bashar, Ash and some other are getting out in similar fashion most of the time. If they have all these well executed plan, why our plan is not not working? Maybe there are, but not just executed well.

January 24, 2005, 05:19 PM
Finally a quality thread. I was getting tired of all the "off with his head" threads.

Agreed with Sham, rafiq bhai, beamer et al. Our mental approach when it comes to chasing totals is not quite there. How many of you guys would agree with me if I said that the chances of Bangladesh winning the first two matches would increased by as much as 60% if Bangladesh had won the toss and set a total for Zimbabwe to chase?

January 24, 2005, 05:30 PM
Originally posted by Beamer
Bowl Masri or Enam soon as he (taibu) come in. He is the glue that holds that team together. After his duck, in CTG ( the secind innings ), they just collapsed. We had them in all kinds of trouble. We should have at least gone for the kill. Bashar is not very proactive as I said before. What did Nazmul do to get dropped?

Excellent point Beamer. That is exactly what I would say. I dont know why the team thinktank which includes Bashar failed to see that? Hope they will figure it out before ZIM leaves the town.

January 24, 2005, 06:38 PM
Why are our specialist bowlers not bowling their full quota ? Someone said that they are getting hit. Are we saying that part-timers do not get hit in the death overs ?

Even if they get hit equally, the chances are that a Mashrafe or a Tapash might get a batsman out, which will immediately lower the run rate as a new batsman cannot hit as freely as an "in" batsman.

I would bowl Tapash and Enamul after the 46th over. Tapash has a well disguised slower delivery and Enamul varies his length better than anyone else.

Mashud should have batted much earlier. He is the only one who can score singles , almost at will. Ashraful has been a big disappointment. He seems to be looking to play the glorious innings always !

On reflection, Bangladesh without Rafique, in a one day match, isn't half the side. Not only is his tight bowling missed but his controlled hitting would have made a big difference ! Don't be surprised to see him in the third game. Injured or not .

January 24, 2005, 06:44 PM
Another observation: not a happy one

It is just remarkable that Mashrafi did not get a two/three overs stint in the middle of innings..

in fact, bowling FIRST and not using the main pacer in three spell is just unheard off since Allan Border probably started it by using McDermott in the middle for 2/3 overs..

January 24, 2005, 06:51 PM
Originally posted by Imtiaz
I would bowl Tapash and Enamul after the 46th over. Tapash has a well disguised slower delivery and Enamul varies his length better than anyone else. Tapash isn't any better at bowling the last overs either. Check out the recent over graphs:
Bd vs Zimb 1st ODI (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html)
1st ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html)
2nd ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html) - Didn't give away too many runs in the last 5 overs in this game
3rd ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/IND_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/IND_BDESH_ODI3_27DEC2004_GRAPH.html)
Maybe Bashar should try the spinners at the end?

January 24, 2005, 09:22 PM
Bashar's thinking process was not smart enough to create something for the team in last two ODIs. He waited for things to happen rather than trying to create a chance for himself.

His bowling change as mentioned by others on the forum was horrible and terrible. It's painful to watch our team is not performing to it's potential against a 2nd grade team. The players has to understand that they can beat this ZIM side.

Both the matches we gave way the match in the slog overs either by bowling or by batting. As far as I remember last two matches are the worst performance by BD in slog over while bowling is concerned. This actually brings out a weak point in the team, WE need a fighter like rafique back in the team. We need a smart thinker like rafique in the team.

Ashraful is one of the dumbest player in the team but he is gifted. This combination hardly helps him and that's why his performance is seldom. Now aftab, I think he requires a break to get his act together, he is just lacking of confidence. If I were the selector my team for next 3 ODI's would look like this:

1) Nafis
2) Rajin
3) Bashar
4) Ashraful
5) Alok -- can't just drop him after one match.
6) Pilot
7) Rafique
8) Sujon
9) Mashrafee
10) Nazmul
11) Enamul/Tapash

We can still win the series if we think straight and sensible. Alok absolutley is better than Aftab at this point and more experienced. So Alok should be considered.

Some very basics Bashar needs to remember in the game:

1) Use your strike bowlers full quota
2) Part timers should not be used in the slog overs NO Matter what
3) Talk to bowlers immediately if they are bowling way ward or short
4) Bring back strike bowlers for an over or two as soon as a new batsman comes tp bat
5) As a captain take responsibilty, set the example (like taibu and many others)

Hopefully we will break the jinx in next game by winning the toss and the game.


January 24, 2005, 09:30 PM
i agree with feisal. Masrafi should be used in 3 spells. WHnever taibu is in, bring him and try to get taibu out. He is the most dangerous batsman eventhough he bats at number 6. Need Alok in number 6. Drop rana for rafiq. Mahmud should also be dropped. So final team for odi 3 is... nafis, razin, aftab, sumon, ash, alok, pailot, rafiq, masrafi, tapash, enamul. ANy comment??

January 24, 2005, 09:55 PM
We the fans are too quick in doing two things:

1. Blaming and
2. Selecting the team

Please use a seperate thread for selecting the team if you are compelled to do so. W'd appreciate that.

We need to be considerate in blaming the captain and players right away. There might just be too many factors come in to the equation. Slog overs are just what the name suggests. At times the opponent take that away from us by removing most if not all batsmen early on. Actually there are not too many tricks to contain the sloggers. Ever we aren't that bad in slogging too, remember the 190 against Sri Lanka in Asia cup, Masri against India few months ago.

Zims managed to save wickets which helped them at the death. We need to find a way to stop that.

I noticed when a we are giving away too many runs in the opening overs, the players panicked which leads to overuse of a good bowler like Masri costing us his service in the middle. So it is again the mental game game that we need to make a tweak to without panicking.

January 25, 2005, 12:36 AM
Actually, a six over first spell for one of the pacers is quite common. It usually varies between 5 and 6. But they still could have used him in three spells and should have.

Anyway, as for Bashar memorizing his game plan the night before, I think we can fault most of our recent captains with that. The last few captains, Durjoy (a favourite on this msg board and affectionately named Morx), Mashud, Sujon and now Sumon all have had this problem of predetermining the game plan (which is fine) and not deviating from it (which is a problem). Why do we even have a captain then? The coach coud have just told the players where they are to field, tell the bowlers which overs each is to bowl and send them out there!

I don't think that Bashar should be dropped as a result as Rafique named captain. It is the coach's job to talk to his captain after the game, analyze the game together and suggest things that he could have done differently, so that next time, the captain can think of a few alternate plans out there and be able to choose which he thinks is the best one rather than just going with the pre-determined one. I would be very surprised if Whatmore, after last night's game, didn't suggest to Bashar that perhaps Mashrafe should have been brought on for a short spell in the middle.

Not all captains start out by being great captains, but they can grow in their jobs. I think Bashar is going to captain Bangladesh for a few years to come (Rafique is unlikely to captain Bangladesh ever and the other guys are too young)
so its imperative that Whatmore guides him along and plugs the gaps in his captaincy. In the end, I suppose making someone dynamic is difficult, but he atleast has to get Bashar to start thinking on his feet.

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January 25, 2005, 12:43 AM
Bangladesh have lost quite a few games that were winnable. Many against supposed weaker or equal-strength teams like Canada, Kenya, practise matches against no-namers like Namibia, and now Zimbabwe. Yet we just saw this team beat a quality Indian side a month ago. There are other occasions were we have lost but had been competitive against big teams.

So why the spotty record against sides we should be beating? Maybe it's not Bashar, the bowling, the batting order but simply that the team is collectively not "getting up" for the game. They are always going in with an over-confident attitude and losing these winnable matches. Zimbabwe on the other hand is a good example of a team who realizes they are up against the whole world and have to fight tooth and nail for everything. One win or draw and we think we are God's gift to cricket. How to effect an attitude change?

I'd like to know what Whatmore or McInnes thinks about this issue because on the one hand, as coaches, they want their players to celebrate success and feel good. But on the other hand, the players don't seem to know that each game is a new day - so as coaches what do they say?

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January 25, 2005, 01:05 AM
BD win over India was gained by batting first. I do not think BD would have won that match had they batted second. And that is where the problem lies with BD ODI team. If BD have to chase, even the so called weaker teams can fancy their chances to win aginst them.

Zimbabwe have a team which is younger, more inexperienced and beset with severe problems as compared to BD, yet they seem to be improving with every game. When their tour to BD began, they were an outclassed side. But as the tour has progressed, they have visibly improved and they are looking like a better team, at least in ODIs.

January 25, 2005, 01:11 AM
You will notice however Rafiq bhai that all the games we win or compete in are ones where we bat first. Our bowlers are great at making the opposition work for their runs, even when our batsmen put up pathetic scores. However, when we chase, it doesn't matter who we play against, be it Australia or Canada, we will make it a point to lose!

I think you have a point about not taking these easier games as seriously as we ought to. Teams like Zimbabwe are the ones against which we have to start successfully chasing. They gave us two excellent opportunities to do that, in both, the target was achievable, and we squandered the chance. But like I said, we have really got ourselves in this hole in this series, and it will take some doing to get ourselves out so we'll see how our team responds.

January 25, 2005, 01:17 AM
Good point Cricketfan. This Zimbabwe side has shown a hell of a lot of character in this series. And to think that they really are a bunch of kids, even their captain, I think they ought to be very proud of themselves. They came on an away tour and learnt from each and every day on the field. I think rather than trying to emulate Australians, it would be worthwhile for our chaps to try to learn a thing or two from some of these Zimbabweans.

January 25, 2005, 01:51 PM
At least we are starting well these days. Before we had a trend of 40-4 or 50-5 sort of start. In those cases, the match was lost at the begining. Some repair job by the tail managed to bloat the final scores and hence few people like Shujon, Rana, Babu got some runs as a result. Some fans, who are fans of mediocore players, will quickly point to their averages or runs they got under such situations. To me, its worthless as the cause was a losing one. Getting back to the point: We are getting good starts but losing way in the middle. Someone in the middle order has to stand up and play steady and smart. We don't need a spectacular innings from a no.4 or no.5, just an assured fifty plus innings to sail the innigs to its final destination. We have potentially destructive batting in the tail. But, in most cases they are arriving at the scene prematurely and being made to repair the innings.

January 25, 2005, 07:20 PM
Originally posted by fab
Originally posted by Imtiaz
I would bowl Tapash and Enamul after the 46th over. Tapash has a well disguised slower delivery and Enamul varies his length better than anyone else. Tapash isn't any better at bowling the last overs either. Check out the recent over graphs:
Bd vs Zimb 1st ODI (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html)
1st ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html)
2nd ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/ZIM_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/ZIM_BDESH_ODI1_20JAN2005_GRAPH.html) - Didn't give away too many runs in the last 5 overs in this game
3rd ODI Ind vs Bang (http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2004-05/IND_IN_BDESH/SCORECARDS/IND_BDESH_ODI3_27DEC2004_GRAPH.html)
Maybe Bashar should try the spinners at the end?

ur first 3 links r the same....

January 26, 2005, 06:42 AM
actually our bowlers bowl bad when not defending. Look at indias tour... we won defending. Look at 1st test.. we won defending again... And on the second test though it was a drawn game.. still bd bowlers gave away too many runs. And today in the 3rd odi we won defending again. And another thing is... BD batsmen don't have the right temperment to chase a total. I am not saying that they do good batting first. But when chasing a total i don't see any game plan among bd batsmen. What happens is they keep loosing wickets regularly other than any collapse... i donno why...