View Full Version : We can only play as a team of 11

January 25, 2005, 04:04 PM
With a series decider coming up tomorrow we are all anxiously waiting to see the direction of the series turning towards BD. If Taibu wins the toss again he is going for batting first as we all expect. The toss of the 3rd game will be important for us and the stats below will make it clear.

Out of our 6 wins 5 of them we batted first and the other one we played against Kenya batting second. Given our poor batting records we are not a team yet to chase a RR around 5.0. An additional observation we over look time to time is that we perform better as a team when all 11 are putting an effort together and that is only possible in fielding not batting. It is almost the case that we need to draw the strength, comfort, assurance from all other 9 players when 2 of them are batting. Our batsmen need a constant reminder of how they need to play the next ball.

We have number of batsmen with good technique but there is no consistency. Until some of those batsmen cross the mental barrier of being a leader from just a good batsman we will always struggle as a team. Batting is a case of 2 against 11, and time to time 1 against 11. Our batsmen need to change their mentality of always leaning on rest of the team to leaning only on himself. I hope at least 2 to 3 batsmen break free in the 3rd ODI and take the responsibility of the entire team on their shoulder. It is a matter of belief and taking charge on the field. We can have only 1 captain on the field and that doesn’t mean we can not have more than 1 leader.