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January 29, 2005, 02:06 PM
Hey guys! I would like to congratulate all Bangladeshis out there on our recent suuccess in Test as well as One Day arena. I hope this continues and improves every time. However I picked up a few things where I though Bangladesh may improve:

1. Most Bangladeshi Top Order Batsmen seem to be right handed. I believe if we have a couple of left handers, it will upset the rhythm of the opponents as they constantly have to change field settings and bowler's action.

2. Some of the youngsters such as Nafees, Aftab and Ashraful who have been playing reasonably well for the team, but lacked consistency may consider playing county cricket in England or Australia where competition is of a high standard. This will enhance their performance.

3. The fielding needs to improve dramatically. Every run counts and we cannot simply afford to lose runs or miss catches. The players fitness and concentrration level need to improve if we are to be consistent in batting, bowling and fielding.

4. It is a team sports and players should aim at making longer partnerships both in batting and bowling. They need to look at the bigger picture. A few risky shots in an over may not be worth the total runs in the innings. Stay till the last ball. Play each ball to its merit and field setting.

Enough of me. Oh yes! Player should look after their diet pre-match and post match. they are professional athletes and cannot afford to eat lavishly (PILAU RICE AND KORMA) like the general population. Healthy eating is recommended to avoid falling asleep in the field. Can someone pass it on to the appropriate authority where my voice may be heard. thanksText