View Full Version : Age Group Cricket in BD: much works still needed!

February 3, 2005, 01:34 PM
Sad picture of BD age group cricket:
(-Prothom Alo report, 3'Feb'05)


Lot of works still needed to be done in the junior Age-group structure and it must be started immediately. We need more funding support for it. We need a very organised and active management/authority to install a long-term structure for junior age group cricket developement in our country... because that is the prime base from where the big show starts!!

Let's not start bashing BCB immediately and try to understand their limitations. BD has only started playing Test level cricket since last 5 years... and the major share of BCB's organisational strength/money/ability is being spent to bring the national team upto a good standard. IMO.. we just dont yet have the massive/trained/powerfull organisational structure of the Cricket-Board yet who can manage upto the lowest level of Age groups..

Let's discuss what planning and support and drive we may need to build an effective structure for training cricket from the very young age... all throughout the country..including reformation/enhancement of the BCB structure itself..