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February 6, 2005, 04:59 AM
Yes we are entering a downtime as far as number of Bangladesh matches are concerned. During match time many articles are sent in about specific matches. So many that some need to be put on hold and could not be published . It is unfortunate but the contribution is really appreciated and remembered.

Yet, we need to proceed with regular supply of articles to Banglacricket. Articles can be submited at any time and not necessarily when matches are on. This is a good time to come forward with your articles.

As such, whatever you have, bring it in. It could be as simple as a few paragraphs with some viewpoints, thoughts , reminiscences or pure reflections about Bangladesh cricket. The main thing is that we get something to start the ball rolling.

Generally, we have had articles relating to Bangladesh cricket but I feel we could stretch the inclusion list at this point in time to include some personal experiences, or anecdotes from other countries, that could be useful as a starting point to analyse BD cricket.

Perhaps it is a good time to brainstorm. Do you have ideas? What should we discuss? Are there topics we are missing? Come forward and let us share thoughts.

Thank you.

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February 6, 2005, 09:04 AM
Here is a list to start off your mind, add if you have any ideas::)

Match reports
Pre match evaluation
Past performance review-India series;Zimbabwe series
Series preview-England
Selection-U19;A team or the National team going to Eng
Good performences and aspects of a match- sucha sASh 158 or etc
Future prospects-players;selection;infrastructure;domestic
Dhaka League stories-ongoing league news
Individual Player tributes/prospect
History-personal recollections;pretest matches
Opposition analysis-Zimbabwe U19 or England
About the grounds/pitches in England