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February 17, 2005, 01:39 PM
Seeking enthusiastic, hard working, <b>dedicated</b> people to join team in Virginia, U.S.A. Candidates must:

<li>Currently reside in Bangladesh
<li>Be <b>highly</b> proficient in C/C++, Java and other programming languages
<li>Have some knowledge in Web Application Development
<li>Be <b>highly</b> proficient in database design and data insertion and retrieval to and from databases (any version of SQL or Oracle)

Good grades are appreciated, but not a necessity.

For more details on the company, position and contact info, please u2u or email me (use my yahoo address). Please do <b>not</b> send me your resume or cover letter along with the u2u/email.

Please note that training will be provided to qualified applicants.

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