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March 19, 2005, 05:25 PM
I dont understand why did we played 40 test players in less than 4.5 years! What do you guys think the reason is!
I think it has to do with the poor domestic infrastructure and lack of A team tours which makes the selectors hard to decide who has the talent.


March 19, 2005, 05:34 PM
Mainly becoz we didn't have the youth program like we have now. Look at how the average age of the team dropped in the last few years.
When we gained the Test status, we only had the likes of Bulbul, Athar, Akram, Saiful etc in our team. I'm not even going into their age change which is common in our society- but i don't think they were in their late 20s when they started playing Tests.
Another reason was internal politics which is why our selectors were choosing players that are not fit to be in the team thus the constant chopping and changing.
But its about time we reach the plateau and know our long term goals and i think we are moving int he right direction, regardless of the existing corruption in the management level.

March 19, 2005, 05:40 PM
Yeh some players didnot deseve the chance like Anwar Hossain, Rafiqul Islam and Mohammad Selim. :umm:

March 19, 2005, 07:18 PM
It's a BD-Cricket policy! some of us don't understand!:lol:

March 19, 2005, 07:24 PM
Maybe because everyone was performing poorly, and they all had to be dropped. Even Bashar was at a stage when we wre talking aboyt dropping him. The reason Australia's so good is because the likes of Martyn, Hayden, Langer, Lehmann and Kasprowicz had to perform well year after year after year against good opponents in the Sheffield Shield to get the baggy green. Lehmann has played so much state cricket that he's the Sheffield Shield/Pura Cup's leading runscorer of alltime. And even with that he couldn't keep a place in the Australian squad. Bangladesh have given caps to people because they average around 30 and have hit a century recently.

March 20, 2005, 12:58 AM
All aspect of BD cricket is going thru a trial and error period, growing pains really. This include, magament, players, coaching, electors..everything. You'll have to give them some time defore they can get their act together.

March 20, 2005, 01:28 AM
The 40 players in the last 4.5 years:

First, the current national team:-

1) Nafees Iqbal - debut 1.5 years ago
2) Javed Omar Belim
3) Aftab Ahmed - debut 1 year ago
4) Habibul Bashar
5) Rajin Saleh - debut 2 years ago
6) Md. Ashraful - debut 4 years ago
7) Khaled Mashud
8) Khaled Mahmud
9) Md. Rafique
10) Enamul Haque Junior - debut 1.5 years ago
11) Mashrafee Bin Murtoza - debut 3.5 years ago
12) Tapash Baisya - debut 3 years ago
13) Nazmul Hossain - debut 1 year ago
14) Monjurul Islam Rana - debut 1.5 years ago

The in form players at the time, but lost their form later and the fringe players in between:-

15) Mushfiqur Rahman - currently totally out of form
16) Foisal Hossain - selection error
17) Abdur Razzak Raj - currently out of form after bad bowling action
18) Moniruzzaman - selection error
19) Jamal Uddin Babu - selection error
20) Talha Jubair - replacement for Mashrafee injury
21) Anwar Hossain - selection error
22) Anwar Hossain Munir - A team material only
23) Tareq Aziz Khan - A team material only, injury to other pace bowlers
24) Rafiqul Islam - selection error
25) Bikash Ranjan Das - selection error?
26) Sanwar Hossain - total failure with the bat from beginning
27) Ehsanul Haque Seejan - total failure with the bat from beginning
28) Md. Selim - selection error, Pilot's mis-behavior during world cup 2003
29) Md. Sharif - lost in injury

Former glorious players, but currently not fitted into our national squad either because of time or because of form:

30) Hannan Sarkar - replacement for Javed Omar injury
31) Mehrab Hossain - lost to injury & bad form
32) Shahriar Hossain - lost to bad form
33) Al Shahriar - lost to bad form
34) Aminul Islam - lost to bad form as well as senior player
35) Akram Khan - lost to bad form as well as senior player
36) Enamul Haque Moni - senior player
37) Hasibul Hossain Shanto - senior player
38) Alok Kapali - lost to bad form
39) Monjurul Islam - lost to bad form
40) Naimur Rahman - lost to bad form with the ball

P.S. This is the list of players since we played our inaugural test match against India during 2000

March 20, 2005, 02:38 AM
is that a world record?? i think it is......... other than zimbabwe who had to place a totally new team after the strike.......i dun think no countries tried so many players in such a small period of times......... hmmmmmm..... maybe pakistan?

March 20, 2005, 02:57 AM
Surely the first reason is 'inconsistancy of form' in BD players..

But what is the reason behind that?
I would say 'Introduction of underprepared players in the Int'l sceen'

And the reason behind that??
'Not-so-organized' junior level & league cricket of BD..

And the reason for that???
Well... BD is only a 5 year old kid in Test-Cricket family!! Professionalism in every part of the game-structure is yet to be established.

Giv the Side some time.. they will come up with more consistant and dominating players/side for sure.

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March 20, 2005, 04:51 AM
Before we go all ape crazy over our selectors, I would like to look at the # of players selected for Windies & Pakistan over the same time frame. Cany anyone suggest the best way to do this? If so, this has the makings of a decent stats article :)

March 20, 2005, 04:56 AM
I think the good part is (my general impression) that after Faruque & Company took over the selection role (along with Dav Whatmore), the number of change in the overall team selection has decreased.

Like, for example, the players from 32 to 40 in the link above has been given debut since 2003 Australia tour.

So, 9 players in total have been given chance to prove themselves under Whatmore & Faruque's tenure.

Those 9 players being the following:

32 Anwar Hossain Monir v Australia Cairns 2003
33 Rajin Saleh v Pakistan Karachi 2003
34 Enamul Haque jnr v England Dhaka 2003/04
35 Manjural Islam Rana v Zimbabwe Harare 2003/04
36 Faisal Hossain v West Indies Gros Islet 2004
37 Tareq Aziz v West Indies Gros Islet 2004
38 Nafees Iqbal v New Zealand Dhaka 2004/05
39 Aftab Ahmed v New Zealand Chittagong 2004/05
40 Nazmul Hossain v India Chittagong 2004/05

And apart from this list of debutants, Mushfiqur Rahman has made a prolonged come back after a long break (the reason is not injury). And these are only statistics from test cricket.

In ODIs, the new players who got a debut or had come back into the national side besides the above are - Moniruzzaman, Jamal Babu, Hasibul Hussain, and Shahriar Hossain (the latter 2 made a comeback after a long break).

March 20, 2005, 08:43 AM
[quote]32) Shahriar Hossain - lost to bad form[quote]

He was in form.He did not join high performence camp thats why he did not get chance in national team.Shahriars error.

March 20, 2005, 12:42 PM
16) Foisal Hossain - selection error
18) Moniruzzaman - selection error
How can you say they are selection error? They performed very well in a whole domestic tournament. Maybe you can say they should have played more A tours.

25) Bikash Ranjan Das - selection error?

I still dont understand where is this boy. He was a very talented left arm bowler and faster than Monjural Islam. He could have added variety to our bowling attack.


March 20, 2005, 10:09 PM
Originally posted by mr-khan
[quote]32) Shahriar Hossain - lost to bad form[quote]

He was in form.He did not join high performence camp thats why he did not get chance in national team.Shahriars error.

great pick up mr-khan... i was going to point it out if u didnt already!

March 21, 2005, 01:41 AM
gang... working on the article.. but here's a teaser. for the same time frame, in Tests only, Pakistan used 51 players!!!!

March 21, 2005, 01:50 AM
Bangladesh have also been guilty of a high turnover of players in their brief time at Test level. They have used 31 players within two years and 252 days since their first Test, compared to 27 Pakistan used in the five years it took them to play 20 Tests.

I found the above quote written by Lynn McConnell just before Bangladesh's test match against Australia starts.

I have it currently in my computer saved, but can't give you the link right away. The writer wrote this in the headline of 'Unwanted records mounting for Bangladesh' in Cricinfo on July 24, 2003.

The following is also taken from there:

"Playing record of all countries in their first 20 Tests, time span taken to play them and players used in that time (captains used in brackets):

team W L D span time players
Australia 9 7 4 1876/77-1884/85 8y 2d 40 (5)
England 7 9 4 1876/77-1884/85 8y 2d 50 (6)
South Africa 5 12 3 1888/89-1909/10 20y 299d 68 (9)
West Indies 4 12 4 1928-1939 11y 4d 48 (6)
New Zealand - 6 14 1929/30-1949 19y 218d 50 (3)
India - 11 9 1932-1948/49 16y 228d 52 (4)
Pakistan 5 4 11 1952/53-1957/58 5y 118d 27 (1)
Sri Lanka 2 11 7 1981/82-1985/86 4y 29d 36 (3)
Zimbabwe 1 10 9 1992/93-1996/97 4y 8d 33 (3)
Bangladesh - 19 1 2000/01-2003 2y 252d 31 (3)

Bangladesh have had a fair deal early on in their home and away balance of matches, which is marked contrast to some other countries. "