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April 8, 2005, 04:41 AM
Some countries play against some other countries for 5 test while others play 2 test.

for eg South African Vs England played 5 test matches.
South African Vs Zimbabwe play 2 test match

I think the test matches schedule should be changed.

The cricket format should be like this

3 test matches against a country with a triangular series of 10 ODI in their country
3 test matches against another country with 5 ODI
so there should be a total of 6 test and 15 ODI to be played in a country
playing days will be around 45 days of cricket to be played in 120 days.
of which 6 test and 13 ODI of cricket for host nation

the country should tour to another country for 3 test and triangular series of playing days of 21 days within 50 days

The second tour should be for a triangular to another country with 10 ODI triangular of which 7 ODI played by the country

Totally it would be 7+5+7+7+5 = 30 ODI in 100 days
Test should be 12 tests = 60 days of playing in say 120 days

so the playing days would be 90
Days taken would be around 120 +100 = 220
the rest of the days could be given off days between tour.

I really think there should be atleast 12 to 15 test and 30 ODI to be played by a country

You might ask about wearout. The players should be rotated. There should be a pool of 20 players to be picked out which has to be rotated and given enough experiences

What happens if 3 to 4 players get hurt or fall sick say viral fever

There would not be good players in the team if they are not given enough experiences or rotated.

Looking for ur suggestions

April 8, 2005, 03:59 PM
That sure is alot of cricket. You'll need to figure out when each team faces each other as well...

Also player rotation can have a bad effect as well... It unsettles the players. Some players take a few games to get used to cricket again. So if they are taken off in the middle of that period then there might be problems. Also this is bad for teams with a smaller pool of players. LIke BD or Zimbabwe. Tehy have the players, but do they have the talent?