View Full Version : Srilanka's new fast bowler Malinga: 9 wkts against NZ

April 8, 2005, 08:21 PM
9 wickets against NZ but match is drawn in the high scoring game.


How they were out

Paul Wiseman lbw Malinga 0 (69 for 3) Missed a low full toss.

James Marshall lbw Jayasuriya 39 (85 for 4) Missed an arm ball that would have crashed into middle-and-leg.

Nathan Astle run out 19 (115 for 5) Run out at the non-striker's end after Jayasuriya deflected a drive.

Brendon McCullum c Samaraweera b Jayasuriya 7 (128 for 6) Outside edge to slip as he tried to work to leg.

James Franklin b Malinga 7 (148 for 7) Outside edge to slip as he tried to work to leg.

Lou Vincent b Chandana 52 (181 for 8) Yorked himself while playing to leg out of the rough.

Kyle Mills c Jayasuriya b Herath 22 (222 for 9) Mistimed heave over the top, simple catch to mid-on.

Stephen Fleming c Kulasekera b Malinga 41 (238 for 10) Top edged a pull into the deep.

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April 8, 2005, 08:59 PM
A very good performance by Malinga.Of course Fleming was adivsing the umpires to chagne their trousers as Malinga's unordodox method resulted in the batsman losing the ball for a moment.