View Full Version : Expecting Bashar to play a Key-role on minimizing the loss of Dav.

April 9, 2005, 09:21 AM
Well... no. I’m surely not expecting Bashar to do any sort of Coaching-job.
But I’m talking about another very strong factor that has helped the team to uplift its confidence and reach the standard that it is in now... and yes, that is Bashar’s effective role as captain in the team.

I know many may disagree and rather argue that Bashar hasn’t been good enough. But I personally think he has been one of the biggest reasons of our team’s recent progress, and I am quite impressed by the way he gradually settled both his position and his form in the team. He has quite good relationship with all the team members and specially it was nice to watch him stand aside Rafiq after the Zimbabwe incidence, or support and openly praise any of the team members very highly who does well in any match, whether it is a senior member or youngster. Now that counts high when it comes to captaincy.

One more thing that also had good effect, was his post-match confessions and admitting the responsibility of bad performance. Despite some ‘Big-mouthing’ on few occasions he , in general, has been quite good in assessing previous match/series performances and setting up targets for future ones as well.

Infact, he has been quite successful (not undermining the spirits of all other team-mates here) in translating Dav’s thoughts into better team performance through his ‘Generous Leadership’ (which even I often confused to be too generous, but proved to be quite effective).

So even if Whatmore leaves, the eagerness of the whole team to be successful which has grown under Bashar’s supportive role will not disappear... no matter who comes next as BD Coach.

:flag: Lets not lose hope already!
:flag: Lets stand behind Bashar and Co. and look forward.

This is only the beginning to a long journey... and we are sure to go a long way ahead. :up:

April 9, 2005, 09:49 AM
Expecting Bashar to play a Key-role on minimizing the loss of Dav


May I suggest a little bit more? Lets give Bashar some role in the selection panel - Dav's position in the current selection team could be a good thing for Bashar - once Dav leaves Bangladesh.

April 9, 2005, 09:57 AM
I love bashar...he's so laguk....