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April 21, 2005, 08:02 AM
Bruce Mitchellís 58 for South Africa v Australia at the Gabba in 1931 was hardly an earth-shaking event. However, it may well hold two world records. Mitchell started on Saturday, 28th November 1931, and at stumps was 45 in 2.5 hours. Sunday was a rest day, and the next two days were washed out. On Wednesday, play did not start until 4:00 pm; Mitchell moved to 53 in the two hour session, failing to score for the first 90 minutes. On Thursday, he was out for 58 in 291 minutes.

The total elapsed time for the innings was about 4 days, 21 hours, which is the longest time, between first ball and last, ever played for any Test, and possibly first-class, innings.

Secondly, the 90 minute scoreless gap in his innings encompassed at least 35 overs. We donít know how many balls Mitchell faced, but he almost certainly faced over 100, making it the longest scoreless gap known in any Test. The most balls faced in a scoreless spell, that I know of for sure, is the 80 balls faced by JT Murray before he scored in Sydney in 1962-63. Murray was batting with a serious shoulder injury in a defensive situation.

UPDATE. Three world records? Mitchellís 8 runs in 2 hours is the fewest runs I know of in a full 2-hour session of play. By the way, if anyone knows of any greater extremes than these records, drop me a line.

Australia v South Africa, 1931/32, 1st Test
Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
27,28,30 November, 1,2,3 December 1931 (timeless match)

Close of Play:
# Day 1: Australia 341/6 (Bradman 200*, Oldfield 3*)
# Day 2: Australia 450, South Africa 126/3 (Mitchell 45*, Taylor 38*)
# Day 3: No play
# Day 4: No play
# Day 5: South Africa 152/6 (Mitchell 53*, Morkel 3*)

Source : http://www.sportstats.com.au/bloghome.html