View Full Version : Federation Cup Semifinals

April 27, 2005, 01:48 PM
All the group matches are over now. So, we have the following line up for the semifinals:

Muktijoddha vs. Mohammedan
Brothers vs. Abahani

After the crushing defeat against Abahani, it might be hard for Mohammedan to regain confidence to face the strong Muktijoddha. I guess Mohammedan should be ready to be crashed again by Muktijoddha. At least the recent encounter between these two teams indicates so: Mohammedan was beaten by Muktijoddha by 3-1 on 22 March in the Independence Cup.

Abahani must be high in confidence after their big 5-1 win again arch-rival Mohammedan. But still they will be nervous in front of Brothers due to their crashing defeat on 21 March against Brothers in Independence Cup. Abahani was trashed by Brothers 4-0 on that night. Brother will surely be eager to present another humiliation to Abahani.

It's kind of funny. I never thought I'll have the chance to write something like this. Can you believe this: I'm writing how bad Abahani and Mohammedan could be beaten by other teams!!!!