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Forum Rules

Guiding Principles of BanglaCricket

The BanglaCricket forums have grown tremendously over the last several years and we thank all of you for being a part of this growing community.

Our goal is to foster intelligent, illuminating and entertaining conversations. To help us meet these goals do follow the simple forum guidelines detailed here.

Please do enjoy the discussions here, but do remember that what is posted here has only as much credibility as the (generally) anonymous person posting it. Don’t take things too seriously and try to have a good time.

Our Community Rules

Please help maintain civility

  • Do remember that this forum is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or offensive text, images, links, and otherwise inappropriate content is absolutely prohibited.
  • Do post in a way that is respectful of others. Personal attacks, flaming, profanity, trolling, lewdness, harassment of any form (personal, sexual, racial, etc.), or baiting or insulting members is absolutely prohibited.
  • Do not post anything hateful, demeaning, or discriminatory towards any country, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. We have zero tolerance for all kinds of prejudice and bigotry.
  • Do not use profanity (masked, disguised, or otherwise) targeted at an individual or an entity.
  • Do not post statements that could be construed as libel. In the event of legal action resulting from libel, information about you will be supplied to the authorities as required by law.
  • Do not speculate on the personal lives of cricketers, celebrities or any other public personality.
  • Do not spread rumors or unsubstantiated news.

Please help maintain a dynamic forum

  • Do note that warez, copyright violation, and any other illegal activity is absolutely prohibited. Any discussion whatsoever soliciting or exchanging illegal or copyrighted material is absolutely prohibited.
  • Do not SPAM: This includes via posts, signatures, visitor messages, private messages, signatures, avatars and any other means not listed.
  • Do not sign up with multiple accounts without a moderator's permission. Doing so may result in all accounts being summarily banned.
  • Do not repost articles from other websites in their entirety as this has copyright implications. Please include only the first portion of the article, followed by a link to the rest of the article. Always provide attribution and hyperlinks back to original source
  • Do not bump topics: Please do not resurrect threads older than 6 months if they do not have any relevance to current issues.
  • Do not post duplicates. If a duplicate is posted due to an error, delete duplicate(s), keeping only one.
  • Do not post blatantly off-topic posts in a thread. If you want to discuss something else, create a new thread.
  • Do not re-edit any post of yours that has been edited by a moderator.
  • Do not bait, insult, flame, harass or otherwise abuse moderators.
  • Do also please refrain from these other forms of forum abuse, including but not limited to
    • Repeatedly posting meaningless threads, one-word (or short) non-sense posts, or such
    • Repeatedly posting one-line posts except in the match threads
    • Repeatedly posting non-cricket related externals in the cricket forums

Please help maintain readability

  • Do post messages Bangla and English only.
  • Do write only in proper English or Bangla.
    • Do not post with excessive numbers of emoticons, upper case (capital letters), lowercase, formatted or colored text, and punctuations (e.g. ! and ?) etc.
    • Do not use txt or L33T speak.
  • Do not quote large/long messages. Instead, quote only the relevant portion needed to make your point.
  • Do put long links inside text.

Avatar Guidelines

  • Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to advertising, decency and violation BanglaCricket community standards and so forth.
  • Animated avatars that detract from a pleasant reading atmosphere are not allowed.
  • Do not use avatars that can be detrimental to other users or annoy other users.

Signature Guidelines

  • Signatures are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to advertising, decency and violation BanglaCricket community standards and so forth.
  • Signatures must be limited to no more than three lines of text. Images and emoticons are not allowed.
  • No special formatting of the text of the signature is allowed.
  • Links to external content are allowed unless it is for advertising and/or the destination content violates BanglaCricket community standards. No more than two links are allowed.

Image Guidelines

  • Posted images are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to advertising, decency and violation BanglaCricket community standards and so forth.
  • Do not post images that annoy or can be detrimental to other members.

Username Guidelines

  • Usernames/Nicks are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to advertising, decency and violation BanglaCricket community standards and so forth.
  • Username change is normally allowed only once and only if you wish to change to your real name. Please message a moderator or administrator if you wish to change your username.


  • All guidelines are also applicable to Personal and Visitor messages.

Please help us maintain a high standard

  • Use the report function: Please do not act as “back seat moderators”. If you have an issue with a post, please it to the attention of a member of the moderators using the report feature of the forum. Do NOT add to the fire by commenting on the offending post.
  • While democracy is a GOOD THING and is a great way to run a country, it has no place in an internet forum. The moderators’ decisions are final and not subject to any appeal. Human chains, plebiscites, online signature collections etc. will affect nothing. However, as much as necessary to maintain a clean and dynamic forum, the moderators prefer to stay out of the way. After all, they are volunteers who do this because they have the same passion for Bangladesh Cricket as you.
  • Do not discuss moderation publicly. Any issues with moderation should be resolved by private messaging a moderator, or contacting an administrator. Posts concerning moderation will be removed.

What we may do

  • We may warn violators both privately and publicly
  • We may remove offensive posts without notice
  • We may ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules. The bans may be temporary or permanent depending on the degree of the violation.
  • While we do look at each situation on its own merit, here are some scenarios that may lead to immediate and permanent bans:
    • Exhibiting extreme prejudice such as blatant racism, religious bigotry, national hate, gender bigotry, and homophobia
    • Repeatedly violating forum rules
    • Repeatedly engaging in personal attacks
    • Repeatedly using of obscenity and/or profanity
    • Posting spam

A Special Note on Derogatory Terms

It is sad and shameful that we actually have to highlight this one common form of oft-repeated forum violation when extremely derogatory words are used to describe people of other nationalities and religious persuasions. Ignorance is no excuse, but we see so many people engage in this that we have to explicitly publish this note and state in no unequivocal terms that these words and their variants are absolutely prohibited and can get you immediately and permanently banned with no prior or additional warning.

  • "paki" - This word is used as a derogatory term directed towards South Asians (and sometimes Middle Eastern people) in the UK and is offensive.
  • "malu/mallu" and variants: This word is used as a derogatory term directed towards Indians, particularly Hindus, in Bangladesh and is considered extremely offensive.

Do note that this list outlines just two common examples of many and is by no means comprehensive or intended to cover all abusive terms that could lead to a permanent ban. Members are expected to exercise caution and refrain from posting language that could be perceived as abusive and/or derogatory and moderators reserve the right to act accordingly in the event of a violation.

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