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Originally Posted by BD-Shardul
Many thanks Purbasha T bhai.

But after I change my LAN settings in Internet explorer, close it and re-open it, no web page loads :(. Even if the espn website loads, it takes like 3 to 4 minutes to load. Plus after trying couple of times, my IE crashes soon after I re-open it.

Would greatly appreciate if you know how to do this trick in Firefox :D
Ummm, I never used Firefox before you know. But try the Help section to find how to access the LAN settings. Are there menu bars at the top of the window in Firefox like it is in IE? If it is, then look for the Tools or Options or something, must be there somewhere.

And does the Codeen webpage appear in your IE once you reopen it after changing your settings? If it does, try refreshing couple of times.

If it doesn't, I'd say try some new IPs. Coz the IP I used this morning to watch the match, isn't working for me now for some reasons. So I'm looking for a new one.
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