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My gut feeling is that, for some unknown reasons Shuhrawardi Shuvo will not likely to get a chance to be included in the national team under the current selectors. Our selectors always have bizarre excuses when including/excluding players. It's not if Shuvo is better or worse than Razzak or Enamul or who should be dropped in order to give him a room, it is something else. Let me say why. If the argument of including a player is about who is better, then Shuvo should have been selected and tested to play in the main XI when Razzak was banned for a while or injured. In the domestic arena, Shuvo has done better than Enamul, so how come Shuvo didn't get a chance ahead of Enamul or alongside of Enamul. The answer to this question would come either hypocritical or a bizarre excuse from our beloved selectors.
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