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Originally Posted by Purbasha T
A funny set of incidents that happened to me and that I think should shared with you people:

Incident 1: BD was on top of that TI index.
Incident 2: I moved out to the UK.

Incident 1: One of my best mates that I made in the UK within a short period of time cheated (too strong a word, but anyway) on me by using my contract phone to make International calls that eventually ended up with a massive bill. I managed to get half of that amount from him, but the rest he didn't pay me..and as a result, the friendship went to ashes.
Incident 2: Nigeria replaced Bangladesh as the most corrupted country in the world.

The Joke Part: That friend of mine was a Nigerian.

PS: I have nothing against Nigeria..but it was just a really funny coincidence.


Really good to see BD moving off the top spot. But have things really improved over there? I don't know.
LMAO i remember you telling me about this when i went to your house.
"I was the happiest man in the world, happier than Bill Gates"- Tamim Iqbal
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