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Originally Posted by FagunerAgun
In the corruption perception index report (TIIR 2009) of 2009, BD ranks 139th in the world along with Pakistan, the best principled country is New Zealand followed by Denmark, Singapore and Sweden; the worst corrupt country is Somalia followed by Afghanistan, Myanmar and Sudan.

In this index Canada ranks 8th, US 19th, UK 17th, India 84th, Mauritius 42nd, Saudi Arabia 63rd, Sri Lanka 97th, Maldives 130th, and Nepal 143rd,

In 2008, BD was 147th in this index.

It does not mean necessarily that BD has improved in integrity, it may go to other direction, that other countries like Afghanistan, Sudan, Myanmar have worsened than BD in corruption.

But the genuine lip services of our politicians know the correct direction(s).
funny thing is, look at the fast growing major economies
Brazil 75
India 84
China 79
(russia has fallen off BRIC)

moral : you need to be corrupt but not too much !

BD needs to move in to the 75-85th most corrupt nation bracket !
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