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Originally Posted by bangla-red
You joking? Gerrard is top 3 best players in the world. 1st is Messi. 2nd might be Ronaldo.

And how are England cheaters? There's no major incident that I can remember ATM.
No way bro! If we are just talking about midfielders then other then the 2 you mentioned Iniesta, Kaka, Ribery, Essien all > Gerrard big time. Iniesta is one of the most under-rated players in the World. He is consistent nearly 100% of the time and he performs in all matches unlike Ronaldo who only scores in bundles against "small" teams and flops in the big occasions. Perfect example Man U vs. Barcelona Champs. League Final 2009. Do a player v player analysis of Iniesta and Ronaldo in that match. And btw I am a Man U supporter. It is sad that just because Iniesta is not a goal scorer he isn't bracketed with the very best. Football isn't always about scoring.