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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
Oh and btw England's "Star" player is Wayne Rooney, who has scored 9 goals in England's qualifying campaign.
u got that wrong its lampard and terry and ashley cole
Originally Posted by bangla-red
I'm biased... and anyway, Gerrard is better :p.
no way, lampard much better then him
Originally Posted by bangla-red
You joking? Gerrard is top 3 best players in the world. 1st is Messi. 2nd might be Ronaldo.

And how are England cheaters? There's no major incident that I can remember ATM.
top 3 attacking players in the world is:ronaldo, messi and kaka not gerrad

Originally Posted by Equinox
No way bro! If we are just talking about midfielders then other then the 2 you mentioned Iniesta, Kaka, Ribery, Essien all > Gerrard big time. Iniesta is one of the most under-rated players in the World. He is consistent nearly 100% of the time and he performs in all matches unlike Ronaldo who only scores in bundles against "small" teams and flops in the big occasions. Perfect example Man U vs. Barcelona Champs. League Final 2009. Do a player v player analysis of Iniesta and Ronaldo in that match. And btw I am a Man U supporter. It is sad that just because Iniesta is not a goal scorer he isn't bracketed with the very best. Football isn't always about scoring.
yupp exactly
Originally Posted by Ashraf-FTP
Liverpool sucks tbh now.. just look at the EPL

England cant go past quarters as usual.. and they will blame someone cheated to beat them, again, as usual

england never blame anything