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Originally Posted by bangla-red
You look as if you know little about football. Next you'll be saying that Torres is only good enough for the Championship.
So I know very little about football because I'm not a blind Liverpool fan who thinks Gerrard is one of the best 3 players in the world? If that's the case then you know nothing in comparison. Gerrard is an important player as far as Liverpool and England is concerned but he sure as hell isn't one of the top 3 players or midfielders in the world. Only a delusional Liverpool fan thinks that and I could care less if you agree or not.

Torres on the other hand is a world class striker and is among the best right now. Unfortunately he's joined the wrong club.

Originally Posted by revolver
u got that wrong its lampard and terry and ashley cole
I forgot Chelsea is also playing in the world cup. My bad!

On a serious note, I did ask that those of us supporting England should put aside club biases and unite in the success of England as a nation. There are important players from all clubs playing for this team so let's put our full support behind them.
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