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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Obayed bhai, was it Orpheus bhai's birthday as well? I thought it was Khalu's, his father's birthday!

I wonder why his parents gave him this name Orpheus, they must have watched Neo, Matrix, they must be big Matrix fans and they said to each other, "We are going to name our son Orpheus, he will be a good guy just like Fishburne Orpheus!"

Also Obayed bhai, in your cat and mouse video for Orpheus bhai, are you just saying that he ate too much during Kurbani and now feeling too tired....or maybe he talked too much once and burned all his serotonin very quickly and now he is tired and don't like to come here to post and edit the "Ask Helouis Orphy" column anymore. Is there a sublimial massage?
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