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Default Official Worcestershire County Cricket Club BC Fans Thread

coming soon....

Dear hon. bhais and apas, salaam and greetings, How are you all feeling today?......

We have to keep up wif dem wickkeeeddd club house now maan! Mijanur, Bangla-red, Yemon, Purbasha, Mo chow bhai, Nafi bhai, Nadstar bro please go to the ground and touch the field and tell us how it is! And go to local cookie and sandwich stores/restaurants and taste the local food and tell us all about it.

In the mean time check this out....don't see anyhting on our Shakib yet or maybe I missed it. And please contribute with history, pics, local people drinking water, local animals, cows, taxi-cabs, teachers, anything please contribute. Live videos if you are in U.K. and was nearby and please post them, pictures, news as well, and of course anyhting you find on the club and team. Thank you bhais. Historical footage appreciated.

By the way, they are called Worcestershire Royals! I am looking for a logo right now!

The followings are from the wikipedia:
One-day Name: Worcestershire Royals
Coach: Steve Rhodes
Captain: Vikram Solanki
Overseas Player: Ashley Noffke
Founded: 1865
Home Ground: New Road
First-class debut: Yorkshire
in 1899
Championship wins: 5
Pro40 wins: 4
FP Trophy wins: 1
Twenty20 Cup wins: 0
Official Website:

A great source of good info on WCCC already in this thread:

Dear mod bhais, I didn't know if this was the right folder for this thread, and I openned it here. Please kindly move it to the appropriate sub-folder as you fit appropriate. Thank you.
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