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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
but what about the ad that says i can make thousands of dollar posting links on google?
Yep. That's another way to do it. But for that particular type of Marketing, you need to have websites of your own. And then Google will add automatically relevant ads to the different pages of your website and I think you'll get paid depending on how many people visit your websites.

Just like here, this particular thread of mine is about Affiliate Marketing, and if you check, you'd be able to see that the ads on top of this thread are mostly relevant to Affiliate Marketing. Though I'm not sure, but I think our beloved BC gets paid the similar way too (if they do..coz I think sometimes these ads are just a sort of a payback for using up webspace..but I'm not sure).

But this particular type is not convenient if you don't normally own a few websites. And it would be really troublesome, in my opinion, to create websites just for earning money, coz it's very unlikely people will visit your websites unless it is really something relevant or of interest to a group of people. And that is why I do not recommend that.

So for us people, who are already busy with studies or are already employed and don't really have that much time to commit ourselves fully to these sort of marketing; the giveaway websites are the best options as it's not time-consuming, neither it requires much effort.
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