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Originally Posted by FagunerAgun
This affiliate marketing concept is mostly from Amway, Primerica, etc, the big suckers of the lower income people.
Affiliate Marketing has a very very broaaaaaaaad range. The organisations you mentioned like Amway, Primerica, (also Market America, Mary Kay and so many other I don't know much about) are mainly direct selling companies. And these are only reasonable to get involved with, if you're ready to commit yourself for a full-time job with them. But that's again, not convenient. And for people like us (students, already employed etc etc) that is not an option at all. Also I haven't researched about them much, so can't comment on it more than that.

But the particular type of marketing that I'm talking about is based on Giveaway companies, which don't require you to commit full-time. You can start, stop midway. It's all upto you. You don't get into any sort of contract. It is that flexible.

Also the money-sucking part, we, as the Affiliate workers, don't need to invest even a single penny in any of these things. Even for the customers, there are companies among the list I've provided (LoveFilm, Intuit etc) that offer free trials. And thus, our customers will only need to subscribe to their free trial. And after that whether they want to continue with their subscription or not is upto them(regardless of what they do, we the Affiliates will be counted as the ones that have brought those customers in and thus will duely get our rewards/gifts/payments).
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