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Originally Posted by Siraji
There are so many ways this could be written, and all of those flows better.Like,
tan( x )= sin (x) / cos (x).
so obviously the transmission coefficient of tunneliing phenomena, T = 1/(1+ D sinh(ka))

where D = (V^2)/(4*(E-V))

But now I realize one world vai had the right idea.
smh. tsk tsk tsk... you have outdid yourself siraji. in the words of a softcore q.rnstar "Don't the nerds ever sleep?"
The guy you hit? If he got a look at the plates, it won't even take that long. There's no play here. There's no angle, there's no champagne room. I'm not a miracle worker, I'm a janitor. The math on this is simple; the smaller the mess, the easier it is for me to clean up.
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