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OK, this video should help a bit more. This guy explains the basic affiliate marketing procedure of many types. And the particular one I'm interested in and have been talking about in this thread starts from 1:57 (he refers to it as the subscription model). But you should watch the whole video to get the complete picture.

So let me simply summarise the way I got involved in all these (hoping that this would clear the cloud a bit more):

1. My friend was already an Affiliate worker and he asked me to be his customer so that he could get a commission because of me.

2. So he gave me a link to the Affiliate website he’s been working with and it contained his personal code. (I could've simply joined that site by directly going to its homepage without anyone's referral but in that case no Affiliate worker was going to get commission because of me and all the commission would've gone to the Affiliate organisation..but, anyway)

3. I went to that site and signed up for that website (the good thing was that he already had worked for it by then for couple of months and earned his money; so I knew this Affiliate website is recognised) and thus became a ‘pending' member (I had to complete the remaining steps in order to become a full member and thus start Affiliate Marketing for myself).

4. In this website, I found a list of offers to choose from several companies. I found Sky, HSBC, BT, LoveFilm, Intuit etc. in my list. Now to complete an offer you’ve to subscribe to any one of them. BUT I already had subscriptions with most of them (Sky for my TV, BT for my phone, HSBC for my dad’s bank account etc). So the only convenient options were LoveFilm (movie company), Intuit(website-making company) etc and luckily! they both had free trials before subscription and even subscribing to just the free trial is good enough to complete the offer for my friend.

5. And this subscription is just like the normal way you do online shopping or subscribe to anything online. And surely you'll trust all of these companies I’ve mentioned as these are all very well-known. (Now this is the part where most of the people back off because it asks for your info BUT it's Sky, HSBC, LoveFilm, BT etc etc we're talking about...are you trying to say these companies are scams and not reliable? Lol!)

6. So I chose LoveFilm (for obvious reasons can choose whichever one suits your purpose) and signed up for their 2 weeks’ free trial. As part of the trial I received a movie of my choice and then sent it back to using their prepaid envelope. Once the company receives the movie disc from me, the offer is counted as 'COMPLETE' (regardless of whether I continue or not) and thus my friend became eligible for commission.

7. And all these (firstly, me becoming a customer for my friend and secondly completing an offer for him) meant now I myself became a FULL member of that particular Affiliate website.

8. So after that I started working as an Affiliate worker myself in that website and asked my other friends to do the exact same thing my old friend had asked me to do earlier (some got convinced and some are still in doubt about exactly how I am trying to cheat them ). And then after that, my friends started doing the same for themselves.

9. Now one thing is that some Affiliate websites have only the system of paying you directly (say £17 per customer) but others also include a system where a certain number of customers will give you a particular gadget. So for example - if I want an iPod, I need say 16 customers; if I want a Nokia N97, I’d need say 22 customers. Or, I can even get a £50 Amazon voucher for just 3 customers. But all these vary in different Affiliate websites but more or less the system is all the same.

So far I've managed to get 3 customers (thus am eligible for an Amazon voucher or 3 x £17 = £51), and If I manage to get 10 more customers, I'd be eligible for a PS3 or 13x£17 = £221; whichever one I want.

So, in short (oops! ); that's the A-Z procedure. And I hope you guys have got an idea of the procedure and good luck to everyone, who got convinced, on starting their own marketing.

And I'll be here to help anyone in choosing what Affiliate website to work with depending on what part of the globe you live in.

Peace...phew!!!! Well, this surely is helping my man management skills, if nothing else. ....or is it?
Man is here.

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