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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Here's the other view (at least on Amway):

In the end, it is a legal pyramid scheme. Unfortunate.
Lol! Sirji!!! The particular type of Affiliate Marketing that I am recommending is based on Giveaway websites (GAW) and the one you and the few other bros are talking about is Direct Selling Agencies (DSA). There's a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!

DSA involves companies like Amway, Quixtar etc etc which very people even know about outside the Marketing field and even I din't know about before I looked for all these.

But Giveaway Marketing involves all well-known companies (e.g. - Sky, BT, HSBC, LoveFilm etc. for UK) who in no way will deceive the Affiliate Workers or the Customers. People regularly sign up for these companies, not necessarily for Marketing purposes but for their own household needs. Ask anyone in the UK. I myself have Sky for my TV, BT for my phone, HSBC for my parents and recently joined with LoveFilm for this Marketing purposes. And there are so many others.

DSAs need you to invest (or buy using) your own money for something. However, GAW doesn't necessarily (there are so many companies with free trials which need no money to spend whatsoever). The whole GAW is based on bringing on a 'potential' customer, not necessarily a paying customer. A free trial is good enough to complete an offer in GAW whereas in DSA these sort of options aren't available it seems.

And there are negative reviews on loads of DSAs (mind you, not all) which you can easily find on the web, just like the link you've provided. But I'm not gonna talk about good DSAs as their Marketing procedure is not gonna be suitable for us.

But you can't find a single piece of official criticism about a single RECOGNISED Giveaway Affiliate website in the whole web. Because, there is no way anything can go wrong.
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