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Originally Posted by Orpheus
Purbasha seeing your success, I am not sure if I wanna do this affiliated marketing or start panhandling in NYC subway illegally. I think the latter is easier and atleast 1000x more profitable.

Just from pure observation, I can tell you what works and what doesn't in the dark world of subway panhandling.

Let me know if you are interested.
Lol! Sarc at its best. But I'd respectfully disagree with the first half of your opinion and say the former one is easier. But profitable? Well, even one good piece of highway robbery might beat your panhandling in that regard. And I'd like to think that wouldn't be a scale for your preference.

The only ''good'' or ''easy'' about your subway panhandling is that you don't have to convince anyone that it is illegal; however, in the case of my A.M. I've to convince everyone that it is NOT so.

And if you've taken only the number of customers (three) that I've managed to get so far as a scale for my success, then please reconsider. Bcoz though I have known about all these for a while, I've practically started trying it out just a few weeks ago.
Man is here.

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