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Originally Posted by sharifk
it's not about a T20 competition of national's of professional franchises/clubs ... something like the champions league (e.g. dhaka vs. mumbai)....this way may be IPL can be International Premier League instead of Indian Premier League ..
In case you missed there is a Champions league for that .BD is to have a team in that league next year .

Seeing this years response I dont think it will be successful ! The fans rather watch India vs BD rather than dhaka vs Mumbai !

IPL is a different beast , its been successful because of Indian city teams playing each other (and of course wine,women and movie starts).An Indian fan would not be interested in a match between Dhaka and Chittagong , in the same way a BD fan would not be interested in a game between Sailkot and Faislabad. Take out BD and international players out of IPL avergae BD fan wouldnt care about IPL as well !
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