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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
illyushin, tupelov, antonev are all highly inferior compared to boeing and airbus. there is a reason why the price is lower - its an inferior product, when it comes to the service sector, you can't expect mcdonald's to compete with the babylon club.

even within boeing and airbus, there are pros and cons. according to my pilot friend, airbus has the superior technology, but as is usually the case between EU and US, sacrfices with efficiency over comfort. boeing may not be as efficient but puts passenger comfort to a totally new level.

in fact, illyushin i think has stopped manufacturing their IL-96 widebody jet because they themselves have admitted its crap compared to the B777/787 or the A330/340/350

only the ex-Soviet bloc buys russian planes, and other blacklisted airlines like Cubana and Iran Air.
correct ! old russian origin airliners are plagued with low serviceability rates and high cost of maintenance. much of the low upfront acquisition cost vis-a-vis boeing/airbus gets erased in the long run due to high running costs. russian aircrafts are OTOH very rugged and can handle rough use, unlike their western counterparts.
that however is not a factor in the running of a major airline where efficiency is the primary factor and as AF has mentioned, production of passenger version of IL-96 has stopped.
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