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Great Article!

"...As for the playing of the game itself, an embryo league was already in existence. University was in flannelled action. So - bless them - were the British Embassy with the Ambassador himself one of the keenest..."

I suppose he is talking about elementary dhaka league.. and league between the University Teams here.

One big change in the current structure of cricket in BD, in my view, is that.. in the Pre-Test Status era.. BD team used to consist of players coming from the competetive Dhaka league & also from the Teams of the top-cricket playing universities(so many good ones hav come from Dhaka University & so on)..
These players were well tempered & well seasoned.. and they are the ones who got our cricket at this level that we are now.

I don't really think that BKSP alone.. or a few high-profile coaches alone can giv our cricket a long-lasting strong & widespread foundation. We do need regular & competetive Domestic leagues back.. and even re-encourage inter-university cricket tournaments too.
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