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Well said Al. Once a huge concern, our batting, is no longer the primary concern. We still have room for improvement, but we have players in every position who can on a given day score meaningful runs towards the team total. We still lose wkts in bunch ( 2-3 wkts ) that halts our momentum, but unlike the past, we are also showing signs of recovery from such situations. Those are all positive signs. I will not change our current batting line-up. They have played together for a while now, and they are showing me that they can play together. There will always be one or two player movement due to someone going through a terrible patch ( Zunaid for example ), but I will not mess with the majority of the batsmen who are the core. Tamim is just incredibe. You need one dominating opener in modern cricket. He will score a ton of centuries down the line. Ash is, well Ash- but he is no longer the main catalyst and it suits him fine. Sakib on a given day can run havoc. Rakib is the sedate guy but he needs to improve by leaps in some key areas. I will let him play and learn on the process. Riyad just continues to grow. So happy with his progress. Rahim can settle nerves and build partnerships. Naeem is the power who can be moved around if needed. All in all, batting is not the main issue right now, and Yes, Jamie Siddons has really done wonders with not only technical aspects of the batsmen, but the enhnaced mental capacity which is very much an integral part of the game.

Our bowling is an entirely different matter. Pace bowling to be precise. We are shorthanded without Mash, but time is ripe to groom pacers for the future. I have talked about creating a pool with a good bowling coach who will train the pacers seprately under his guidance. The revolving door of pacers in and out of the team has to stop. Fast bowlers don't grow on trees in BD, and given the talent that is available, there is no substitute but to work extensively with pacers to make them 'good' intl bowlers. Not great, but good. Great fast bowlers are born, good intl bowlers are made.

If we can consistently show efforts with our bat such as the recent times, we will consistently give oursleves a chance to win matches. A lot of times, you can win with mediocore bowlers if you post up 280-290-300 runs, but you can not win even if you have great bowlers, if you score around 200 runs per innings.

We are on the right path.
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