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very true indeed! i am not that disapointed about loosing to india (we all know when dhoni is settled in he can even take the game away single handedly from the top contenders). And either way india has a very strong and long batting line up which can crush any team in the world just in a blink of an eye!! Fielding still needs improvement but i guess dew played its role again -_-.

just to point out one issue with BD fans : there are a lot of rokibul haters. I have no clue why that reason is. (When dravid plays for india---> i even remembered when i was young and i think dravid was just starting his career ... in 1 ODI match he consumed 70+ ball and scored 3 runs ... well we where laughing our *** off at that moment and now look where he is at now ... one of the top cricketer india has ever produced). And rokibul's ocasional 30+ always helps the team. One also has to understand that the poor guy always finds himself in a situation where 2-3 wicket just collaspes in a short amount of time and rebuilding needs to be made! So IMO he deserves his own true spot in the national team . Yes aftab is a good player but he is not a innings builder. He comes and goes boom and exit just like that and looking at the current team we have a lot of player like him. so a innings builder is really necessary!!!
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