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Default Cricket IQ

Got the idea from an Indian cricket book where they present you with a hypothetical situation and you have to guess the outcome. So this is mainly to increase our cricket IQ. One will give a situation with the real outcome in mind and others will guess it. Sources can be found at cricinfo match archives or youtube.

Situation: Last ball remaining. 5 to win. 2 wickets in hand. 1 dot ball to bowl for you to bowl. Your opponent, a right-handed batsman scored a fifty in this match and hit couple of boundaries in this last over off you. A wicket fell but it was a run-out. Powerplay overs are already over. All the fielders at the boundary rope. Your turn to bowl.

Positive: Last ball, five to win, odds are for you. And one of your teammate bowler scored a hattrick for your team so that pretty much got the whole team rocked and riled up.

Negative: You are away. You got the homecrowd advantage going against you. Your opponent scored a six and a four in this over midwicket.

Question: What kind of ball you DON'T bowl?

a. full b. reverse swing c. yorker or into the blockhole d. bouncer

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