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At the beginning I was about to give Sehwag the benefit of doubt when my Indian friends said that Sehwag was a guileless fella when it comes to talking in front of the media and so I assumed he spoke his mind and blurted that we were ordinary and can’t take 20 wickets. However, over the course of last five days, Sehwag just proved that him being guileless was a wrong explanation though his attitude (disrespecting Shaki’s spin) and the following comments:

Asked whether he felt Bangladesh could now take 20 Indian wickets, Sehwag's answer came pat: "No. They can't. They still didn't get 20 wickets."
They bowled well in the first innings because the conditions helped them.
We have to play good cricket and if we do that, we can easily win the next match.
I have absolutely no problem with what Sehwag said about my team. My Indian friends, yes we in the core of our heart know zillion times better than you about the team we have got and the capability of our team. But what you guys will never know is what it takes to follow a team in its infantile stage. And also there is a difference between the infantile stage of Bangladesh and that of SL. SL were light years ahead of us. Yet knowing the every possible fact, we love to dream big, we dare to imagine the unimaginable. When the passion is such extreme, it is expected that some will take offense with what Sehwag has said. What he said is not untrue. But it takes some guts to utter those truths in the face of fans, who probably are the most passionate fans God have ever created. At the moment, even our players understand that time is running out and they need to win. They are trying their best but are failing. Yesterday, Tamim and Ash said that they would have to bat out the first session but they have failed. 10 years have passed, and I understand that the world cricket community has the right to show exasperation at our pace of improvement. Such exasperation, which ultimately breeds comments like Sehwag made are not undeserved but unfortunately it hurts every Bangladeshi except the brainless and vision-less BCB goons. Still no step to decentralize the cricket and strengthen the first class infrastructure….so yeah as long as we do nothing to improve the first class cricket, we either live with comments of Sehwag or stop playing cricket all together if we can’t take that at all.

Sorry for my random rambling.
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