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Originally Posted by abdulrahee
actually lot of Pakistani fans are happy and hoping that young players like AAMIR and U AKMAL do not go any where near IPL

just see pakpassion for confirmation
Are u sure ? I went to their site and found the contrary .

I have read what Sohail Tanvir had to say about "Hindus" .. really man PCB needs to dig in to their lost self respect and not "stalk" BCCI.

I have always stated that India should not play Pak and its players not play in India after the Mumbai attacks.According to me its more to do with principle than disliking a country and its people.

What BCCI and Modi is doing is wrong and not morally correct . They should take a clear stand toeing the Government rather than humiliate PCB and the players with these half-*** measures.PCB on its part (after firing Ijaz Butt) needs to look for other avenues of making money rather than depend on India.
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