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Originally Posted by Miraz
Modi is a wicked businessman. IPL was losing global attention and there was huge pressure on the administrators to make the 3rd edition a success after a relatively mediocre 2nd edition.

Modi brought new life to IPL through this drama. He has got enormous free publicity and the media attention which IPL was lacking. This has nothing to do with cricket. This is business. He has taken advantage of the political situation.
I agree that he is a good businessman who would like to attract more publicity and attention to the IPL. The IPL has just completed a deal with Google to stream all the matches on Youtube for free. That's the sort of thing he does.

I doubt a conspiracy to exclude Pakistani players is an effective publicity stunt. It might make news in the subcontinent (although I doubt Sri Lanka or for that matter, Bangladesh, is really concerned with this), but it won't affect too many people in England, West Indies, Australia, etc. Besides, I don't think Modi is in a position to dictate to people like Mukesh Ambani which players they can or cannot buy.
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