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I know most of the fans here will disagree with me but I disagree with you.
Someone in the authority need to spank these cricketers, some of these fools will never learn. Even though Kamal outburst in a wrong forum but I think this should have been done. Whatever comments he made, I can not agree more. We do not expect our team to win every match but they should show their professionalism. I got frustrated when I saw players playing flashy shots when they are supposed to occupy the wicket. They way that Rahim, Shahadat, SN, Ash, Kayes got out are "criminal acts" considering the game situation. These guys are doing these again and again. This is a disappointment for the whole country and embarrassment as well.

Sorry folks, I am not BAL supporter but had to share what I thought, might not agree with all of you.

Originally Posted by bujhee kom
This is my humblest request to the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladeh, Netri Sheikh Hasina - Please fire that scumbag Lotus Kamal from Bangladesh Cricket Board and from the Bangladesh Awami League Party. My dear Hon. PM, I am saying this to you, keeping this scumbag in the Awami League is equivilant to giving the AL party membership to a convicted Razakkar. Please dear PM, listen to us, I am just a begger on the street, but a citizen of your nation, and I respect, honor and love you.

Bangladesh Cricket forever! Joy Bangladesh and joy Bongobondhu's spirit!
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